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How to join this program?

What is Work&Travel?

Work and Travel

USA is a program of international cultural exchange that allows students from different countries of the world to depart on summer vacations to the United States to work and travel. The primary purpose of the program is to acquaint foreign students with the culture and life of modern America and the distribution of other cultures among its inhabitants.


The founder of the program and its main supervisor is the Department of State, which determines the number of students that have a right to take part each year. Companies that represent the program abroad register students in the program, and help to provide information and get the necessary documents. Also some agencies help program participants to plan their journey to their future place of work, giving the possibility of purchasing international airline tickets on students tariffs. (Wikipedia ©)


What is Work&Travel?

Program Work and Travel is intended for students who wish to familiarize themselves with the culture of the United States and to work during their summer vacation. On the terms of the program, the work placement, conditions and payment are arranged in advance of the trip. On completion of this, students are free to travel throughout the United States.


Candidates do not normally need to have qualification or experience as training will be given at the place of work as necessary. The types of jobs on offer include sales-people, cashiers, hosts and staff in hotels, restaurants or entertainment parks.


Every participant has an additional month to travel in the United States. It may also be possible to get a short visa to visit such countries as Canada or Mexico. (Wikipedia ©)



Should I go to the USA?

∑ Enhance your English


∑ Learn about U.S. culture



∑ Share you culture with Americans


∑ Learn new skills.


∑ Add international experience to your resume/CV.


∑ Make new friends by meeting new people


∑ Self Discovery


∑ Travel around the U.S.


∑ Have fun!

How to join this program?




We gonna go to the USA by Star Travel.

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