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Homework for the 27th of January

New Words

awful dozen what’s he like?
old-fashioned motorbike I have a cold
thirsty room service fancy dress
trendy shopkeeper a designer look
denim tin on your own
leather jacket tissues shop till you drop
outfit measure melon
vest try on customer
conversation landlady foreigner


B. Match the two parts of these lines.


PART ONE ... A. Watch Part one and number these events in the correct order.

a) Hector wakes up.

b) Annie, Bridget and Nick tell Hector what he needs to wear.

c) Nick and Hector practise a conversation in a clothes shop.

d) Annie and Bridget go to the bathroom.

e) Nick arrives.

f) Annie and Bridget talk about Hector in the bathroom.

g) Annie, Bridget and Nick all go shopping for Hector.

h) Hector is alone in the flat.

B. Complete these lines with the correct words.




PART TWO … Watch Part two and answer the questions.

1 What's in the bag?

a) a shirt b) a pair of trousers c) a leather jacket

2 What is Annie saying to Hector?

a) Try on it. b) Try it on. c) I'm trying it on.

3 Who is Hector talking to?

a) Bridget b) Nick c) the landlady

4 Why is he holding his nose?

a) He wants to change his voice. b) He has a cold.

c) He doesn't like the landlady.

5 Why is there a problem?

a) The landlady doesn't understand him. b) The rule is: no visitors.

c) The landlady doesn't like foreigners.


PART THREE... Watch Part three and answer the questions.

1 Did Hector go shopping online?

2 What did he buy?

3 Did he buy melons?

4 Did he buy lemons?

5 How many melons did he buy?

6 How many eggs did he buy?



A. Are these sentences true or false? 1 Both Annie and Bridget have colds. 2 Nick thinks that Hector looks good. 3 Everyone wants to go shopping for Hector. 4 Hector and the landlady have a conversation. 5 Hector looks awful in the new outfit. 6 Hector buys some clothes online. 7 There are 144 eggs in the fridge. 8 Hector goes shopping by himself. B. Correct the mistakes. 1 I would like to eat some fish and ships. 2 I like melon in my tea. 3 I want to drink a cup of coffee. 4 Hector drives a very expensive cat.



C. Work in pairs. Complete this conversation in a shop.

Shop assistant: Good morning, can I help you?

Customer: Yes, I would like a ________

Shop assistant: OK. Do you like this one?

Customer: Yes.

Shop assistant: Would you like to try it on?

Customer: Yes, please. Oh, and I would also like a pair of ________

Shop assistant: Do you like these?

Customer: Not really, no.

Shop assistant: What about these ________?

Customer: Yes, they're nice.

Shop assistant: ________ to try them on?

Customer: Yes, please.


Homework for the 27th of January

Learn new words!

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