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Read, memorize and dramatize the dialogues.

Receptionist: Reception. Can I help you?
Mr. Thompson: Yes, could I have a coke and a cheese sandwich for room 149, please.
Receptionist: Certainly, sir. Would you like anything else?
Mr. Thompson: No, thanks. (Several minutes later Mr. Thompson hears a knock on the door)
Bellboy: Room service.
Mr. Thompson: Thank you. Can you put it on my bill, please?
Bellboy: Yes, of course.
Receptionist: Good afternoon.
Ms. Kelly: Hello, is that reception?
Receptionist: Yes, madam. Can I help you?
Ms. Kelly: Yes, the TV in my room doesn't work. Could you repair it, please?
Receptionist: Yes, of course. I'll do it immediately. What's your room number?
Ms. Kelly: Room 307.
Receptionist: Reception.
Mr. Simpson: Hello, this is Mr. Simpson from room 637. There aren't any towels in my room. Could you bring me one, please?
Receptionist: I'm very sorry, sir. I'll bring you one right away.
Mr. Simpson: Thanks.
Receptionist: Reception, can I help you?
Br. Brown: Yes, this is room 418. Could you wake me up at 6.45 tomorrow morning?
Receptionist: 6.45, room 418. Yes, of course, sir. That's fine.
Br. Brown: Thank you very much.


Make up and role-play your own dialogues in pairs. You are the hotel guest, ask or request something. Your partner is the receptionist. Swap roles. Use the suggestions below and think of your own.

A white coffee and a pork roll




Toilet paper






Read, memorize and dramatize the dialogues.

Dr. Gilbert: Hello. Can I have my bill, please?
Receptionist: Certainly, sir. Are you leaving?
Dr. Gilbert: Yes. What is this $200 for?
Receptionist: That's for your phone calls.
Dr. Gilbert: Oh, right. Do you accept American Express?
Receptionist: Yes, sir, that's fine.
Dr. Gilbert: Could you call me a taxi to the airport, please?
Receptionist: Certainly, sir. Have a good flight. Thank you for staying at our hotel. Welcome back.
Dr. Gilbert: Thank you.



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