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Speak about hotels in your city. Describe their location, facilities and services. Give recommendations to travellers.

Agree or disagree with the following statements. Give your reasons.

For agreement use: I fully agree with you here. That's quite right. Sure. It really matters. Yes, I think so. For disagreement use: I can't agree... I think you are mistaken... I don't think you are right. Far from it. Nothing of the kind.


1. When you live at a hotel the view matters a lot.

2. The hotel in the center is better than a hotel in the suburb.

3. All hotels should have non-smoking premises.

4. Tips are a sign of appreciation of the service you were given.

5. Tipping policies are universal.

6. "No tipping" policy is a good policy.


16. Write an essay on the topic "My Ideal Hotel".


Read and dramatize the dialogue. Find out the meanings of the underlined words and phrases.

Clerk: Good afternoon. Seaside Motel.
Carol: This is Carol Taylor. I'd like to make reservation for three people for the Labour Day Weekend. Do you have any rooms available then?
Clerk: Let me check. How long do you plan to stay?
Carol: Only two days, Saturday and Sunday.
Clerk: Yes, we still have some rooms available. Would you prefer one room or two rooms that adjoin each other?
Carol: How much do the rooms cost?
Clerk: The cost of one room with two double beds is $79 a night and the rate for adjoining rooms with one double bed each is $49.
Carol: In that case, let me have just one room.
Clerk: All right. Can you spell your name, please?
Carol: Sure. It's T-A-Y-L-O-R. Do you need a deposit?
Clerk: No, thank you. We can hold the room for you until 6:00. When do you plan to get here?
Carol: We should be there by 5 o'clock at the latest.
Clerk: That's wonderful. We'll look forward to seeing you then.


Call a hotel and reserve a room for your friends, who will visit this city for some time next week. Call another hotel if this one is full for the time you need. Dramatize the conversations.





Read and memorize the dialogue.

Receptionist: Good morning, sir. Can I help you?
Dr. Gilbert: Yes, I've got a reservation. My name is Jason Gilbert.
Receptionist: Just a moment, please. Could you spell your name please?
Dr. Gilbert: G-I-L-B-E-R-T.
Receptionist: Right, Dr. Gilbert. A single room with a bath and continental breakfast for two nights, is that right?
Dr. Gilbert: No, it's three nights, from the 15th to the 18lh of September.
Receptionist: No problem, I'll change it for you. May 1 see your passport, please? Thank you. Could you fill in this form, please?
Dr. Gilbert: Sure. Have you got a pen?
Receptionist: Here you are.
Dr. Gilbert: Thanks.
Receptionist: All right, sir. Here is your key, room 308 on the third floor. The lifts are over there.
Dr. Gilbert: Thanks. What time is breakfast?
Receptionist: Any time from 7 to 10 o'clock. The dinning room is on the first floor, but you can have breakfast in your room, sir, if you want, you just need to tell me now or call the reception from your room in the morning.
Dr. Gilbert: No, thank you, I'll come downstairs.


Role-play the conversation changing roles of the guest and the receptionist.




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