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Pronounce correctly and transcribe. Consult the dictionary if necessary.

Etiquette, owner, thought, reward, subtle, throughout, however, concierge, acceptable, accessible, awkward, generously, gratuities, increasingly, discretion, obligated, required, severely.


Answer the questions.

1. Where does the word "tip" come from?

2. Why are tips given?

3. Who are tips given to?

4. When and where are tips required?

5. When is better to tip: up front, daily throughout your stay or at the end of your stay?

6. How much tips should you leave to whom?

7. What is inappropriate when tipping?

8. What are the most common unconscious tipping tendencies?

9. What different tipping policies hotels can have?

10. What is peculiar about tipping at Bed & Breakfasts?

11. What special services can you tip for?

12. When can you do without tipping?


Give Russian equivalents to the underlined words and word combinations in the text.


Make up word combinations, translate and find them in the text.

pub attentive tipping hidden subtle accessible awkward unconscious attractive housekeeping tipping particular etiquette women bribe service amount tendencies situation staff owner country pocket expectations


Discuss tipping tendencies in this country.

1. Who do you usually leave tips to?

2. Do you always give tips to people who serve you?

3. How much do you leave in tip at a restaurant? Taxi? Hairdresser's? Hotel?


6. Write an essay on the topic "Tipping Policies In My Country" (200 words).


Match the word with its definition and compare the meanings.

Maid / housekeeping staff a person whose job is to bring you something to your room, e.g. your breakfast, or if something is missing or if you just want extra service
Room service a person who leads the guests to their rooms and show them around the hotel
Maintenance a person who opens the front door for you
Doorman a person whose job is to deal with people when they first arrive, to answer the phone and to arrange reservations or appointments
Porter a person who cuts and dyes your hair, or just does your hair and helps you to choose the haircut to match you perfectly
Bell boy a person who does you nails
Concierge a person or people who keep the building and the building's facilities in good working conditions, they also do minor repairing
Front desk / receptionist a person who parks your car when you arrive at a party or at a hotel
Manicurist a person whose job is to carry things
Hair stylist a person whose job is to serve people in a place
Massage therapist a person whose job is to clean the rooms of the hotel
Swimming pool attendant a person who does you the massage
Parking attendant a person who keeps the keys from the rooms, takes and gives messages, deals with incoming and outgoing post


Choose the right word from the list below. Translate the artiicle.


As an alternative to a __________ we recommend the Spindrift Inn, a __________ hotel with a great __________ overlooking Monterey Bay. Just down the street from the fabulous Monterey Bay Aquarium and within __________ distance of downtown Monterey.

In the heart of Cannery Row and directly on the __________ sits the Spindrift Inn. The Inn's distinctive __________ hand filed floors, Oriental __________ , antiques, original art and wood burning __________ invites you in to this unique property. Each __________ of the Spindrift has a wood-burning fireplace, goose down feather __________ , comforters and pillows and __________ brass baths. Some rooms have ocean __________ . All 42 rooms have in-room robes, all cotton pastel __________ , nightly turn down service, __________ telephone, in-room CD players, special toiletries, soaps and other __________ .

Rooms include: Continental __________ delivered to the rooms, afternoon __________ and cheese reception and newspaper __________ .

This is a AAA four diamond and Mobil three __________ hotel.

Guestroom, marble, second, wine, bed and breakfast, guestroom, star, lobby, amenities, linens, beds, carpets, lovely, beach, delivery, breakfast, location, walking, fireplace.


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