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Listen to an interview and write down what the people are saying word for word.

Out-of-class Listening 4. Family Members and Relations with them

Listening 1

You will hear three people talking about their relatives and relations with them. Listen to the recording and write down the adjectives the speakers use to describe their relatives.

Speaker 1 (mum) Out-going, sociable, good fun, hard-working, bit impatient, gets annoyed, over sensitive, often getting offended

Speaker 2 (cousin) creative, open-minded, never judgmental, unreliable

Speaker 3 (mother-in-law) nosy, terribly blunt, often upset, quite stingy, extremely clever, self-assured, ambitious too, successful in business.

Listen to the recording again and match the two columns to form phrasal verbs.

1. get on (e) a) out  
2. fall out (a) b) out with  
3. go out with (b) c) up
4. look up to (d) d) up to  
5. take after (g) e) on  
6. grow up (c) f) up  
7. grow apart (i) g) after  
8. be out (h) h) out  
9. come up to(j) i) apart  
10. set up (f) j) up to  

Make pairs of synonyms with the adjectives from 1.1.

1. gregarious/communicative sociable, out-going

2. self-important self- assured

3. willing to succeed ambitious

4. rich successful in business

5. curious nosy

6. trustworthy reliable

7. imaginative/inventive creative

8. criticizing people judgmental

9. very delicate over sensitive

10. bright clever

11. tight-fisted stingy

12. direct blunt

13. qualified/experienced/competent hard-working

14. broad-minded open-minded

15. lacking patience impatient

Complete the sentences using the phrasal verbs from 1.2.

1. The things my mother-in-law comes out with always upset us.

2. My parents and I always get on well and never fall out.

3. Though my cousin and I grew up together, we grew apart and I dont know what he is out these days.

4. My father is ambitious and wants to set up his own business.

5. In the evening she likes to going out with her friends.

6. I look up to my mother.

7. I take after my father in character.

Translate from Russian into English using the vocabulary of the recording.

1. The person Im closest to in my family is my mum.

2. Im getting on very well with my friend, we never fall out.

3. She is a creative person, and it is interesting to stay with her.

4. My mum is so hard-working. She never sits still and she works long hours.

5. My friend set up his own business. And its going from strength to strength. Listening 2.

Listen to an interview and write down what the people are saying word for word.

Track 2

Tell me something about your family.

What do you like doing most with your family?

Who are you close to in your family?

In what way is your family important to you?


Tell me something about your family.

Oh, though I live abroad now, my mums family is from Paris and my dads family is from Toulouse. So Im from a very French family. Em Id say I come quite a small family really. For example, I just have one older sister and four cousins. But its sure that my extended family is fairly big.

What do you like doing most with your family?

Ah, I like having nice long meals with good food and good wine. Um and a few jokes for dessert.

Who are you close to in your family?

In my family? Well, Im close to my uncle Jack . Hes a chef. Hes hilarious always telling jokes um and hes very enthusiastic about everything he does. We spent a lot of time together when I was growing up. In fact he helped to bring me up.

In what way is your family important to you?

My family is everything to me. They are my best friends. They support me when things arent going well and when things are going well. I know theyll always be there for me no matter what.

Out-of-Class Listening 5. Position in the Family and Peoples Character

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