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Youth in Action Programme.

Project “SYNERGY” held by Estonian National Agency of

When: 14 – 22 of November 2013.

Where: Suure-Jaani, Estonia.

Who: 36 participants with ages between 18 and 25 years + 1 leader from each country

from Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan


The context of the project "Synergy” is current global value crisis, that forces a need for strong identity on individual and society level. This is important in order to maintain cultural and environmental heritage, gain economical and political benefits on worldwide scale and not to let decision makers create the values and identity for people.

So the main objective of the project is to encourage young people to take active part in shaping their own societies. This project "Synergy" is a place where young people from EU and Eastern Europe and Caucasus countries can exchange and create new values and mind sets about global active and civil society using non-formal learning activities such as musical, theatre and others.



General objective of the project is to raise young people self-confidence for own cultural values, traditions and active implementation into local societies and encourage cooperation between other cultures. Therefore the aim of the project is building up an international platform where young people from European and non European countries can reflect on society values issues:

- to create a dialog between European and non European countries, diferrent regions as Baltic, Scandinavia and Caucasus;

- to create a dialog on active citizenship in general and values in local societies and share good example on active citizenship between organizations and young people;

-to boost young people self-confidence about own national values, traditions, to encourage to reflect which traditions are sustainable and which ones blocks the development of societies;

- to share cultural differences and find the common values, that unite young people together;

- to give a space for young people to express their opinion on values and future in their societies;

- to find common values about active society and empower to put them into action in local societies;

- to give a space young people to express themselves through traditional music, dances etc.


WORKING METHODS are based on concept "learning by doing":


1. exchanging - youngsters through social games, role plays, discussions are sharing different understandings about processes that are going on in their own societies, trying to understand what do identity and civil society mean what are the challenges for each society;

2. doing- youngsters through MUSICAL and THEATRE activities build up new visions about active and creative society;



Food and accommodation, visa cost will be provided and fully paid by grant from the Estonian National Agency of Youth in Action Programme.

70% of all travel expenses will be reimbursed.




APPLICATION DEADLINE: 03 of October 2013

Contact for questions: Mazurenko Tetiana

E-Mail: to-nik-a@mail.ru

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