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77. Loss of ozone has serious effects in people because ultra-violet radiation can cause:
Aging, wrinkling of the skin, and even skin cancer, eye damage (cloudy vision, cataracts).

78. The chemical compounds that can cause acid rain:
Sulfur dioxide (802), Nitrogen oxide (NOX) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH).

79. · Acid rain occur as:
Mist, fog, sleet, snow, gas and dry dust particles.

80. The pH of acid rain is:

Less 5 %

81. Acid rain is harmful because it can:
Damage and kill trees, fish and other wildlife, affect human health and corroded building stone, soil and water. It dissolves nutrients and toxic heavy metals in the soil, and these are then washed into water of rivers and lakes.

82. The primary reason of acid rain is:
Pollution in the air, which comes from burning fossil fuels such as oil and coal.

83. The major component of photochemical smog is:

84. The main physical reason of the photochemical smog is:

Temperature inverce

85. · To prevent or reduce waste it should be done:

86. Biological magnification is the process of:

Nararduus waste

87. The primary cause of species extinction is:
Destruction of habitats caused by human activities.

88. Industries contribute to habitat damage and destruction if they:
Use raw materials from threatened species (habitats)
Use the products of any endangered species
Develop land that has not been built on before, but which is rich in species.
Contribute to pollution of the environment in ways that are harmful to the processes that support life.

89. · Land area of the Earth occupied by the forest (including tropical, moderate, boreal) is:

90. Land area of the Earth occupied by the rain forest is:

91. The world amount of fresh water is:

92. The amount of the earth’s water supply available to land organisms is:
Less then 1%.

93. The average renewal rate of rivers is:
12-17 days.

94. Eutrophication of water is accompanied with:
Algal blooms.

95. The main source of water pollution is:

96. Industries can help to mitigate problems with water supply by:
By treating effluent and reducing the number of pollutants that might be released into the water system.
By not allowing dangerous chemicals into the water system.
By installing monitoring equipment to prevent incidents of accidental pollution.
By recycling water during industrial operations. This is possible with many processes such as cooling. "Closed" systems, which reuse the same water, are the best.
By making sure that when they release used water back into a river, they release it at a point upstream of where they took it out, rather than downstream. This maintains the flow a river and is a form of recycling. The water re-enters the system and is not hurried straight out to sea.
By using more efficient methods and equipment in order to reduce water consumption.
By making products which use water efficiently, whenever possible. Washing machines, dishwashers, toilets, soaps and washing powders are all examples of products that can be improved in this way.
By making sure that any environmental review they carry out includes the use of water, in order to identify how they can reduce water consumption.

97. The largest landscape zone of Kazakhstan is:

98. External cost is:

Harsful envis of social lost burn inv

99. · Ecological footprint (of a country or each person) is:

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