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The term development is understood as: Growth

The term sustainable is understood as: Stability

67 In which reserve of Kazakhstan does pink flamingos occur, listed in the Red Book of the RK: Korgalzhyn State Nature Reserve

68 The basic form of management of modern demographic processes is: Population Census

69 "Plague of the 20th century" is called: AIDS and HIV

Mineral resources are related to: Non Renewable Resources

Organization of the United Nations; established in 1945; sphere of activity - agriculture and world food supplies: Fiat Panis

Highlight the component of nature, which is most facing high impact in result of activity on energy industry: Air , Water , Soil

73 Water shortage in Kazakhstan caused by: Irtysh River , Aral Sea

74 The process of providing a wide range of people more opportunities to live a long and healthy life, to acquire knowledge and have access to the resources needed for a decent level of it: Globalization

All species of plants, animals, microorganisms and ecosystems and the ecological processes - it is: Environment

76 1800 sparrows from 2,000 birds on the territory. The degree of dominance of sparrows is:


77 Ratio of light and dark periods of day: Daylight, or the light of day

78 When was Convention on ecological safety of RK adopted? Basel Convention 03.06.2003

79 Physical pollution of the environment is: water bottles plastic bags waste materials

The sum of influences of one organism on others is related to group of: biocenosis

81 Ecological factors, to what organisms cannot adapt quickly: Anthropogenic

82 At any transformation, part of energy is lost as heat - this is: Energy Passage

83 The term climate was entered by scientists of : Gipparch or V.Keppen

The species of fossil animals, existing nowadays: Reptiles

Date: 2016-01-03; view: 1893

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The basics of scientific systematic and the sciences of morphology and physiology in 16-17th centuries were developed by: | Increased mortality in the Republic of Kazakhstan due to: tuberculosis, cancer, disease, maternal and infant mortality
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