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VII. Give Russian equivalents of the following phrases.

Connective tissue, one-cell creature, a jellylike living substance, muscle tissue, life span, the process of cell-division, perform the special task, endocrine-gland cells, to carry signals, lack of food­stuff, blood supply, voluntary muscles of the body

VIII. Using prepositions.

Insert suitable prepositions in the following.

A. Prepositions at, to, in, into, inside.

1. There are many different kinds of cells ___ the human body.

2. Epithelial cells are found ___ the skin, membranes, and glands.

3. Then he put the nucleus ___ the egg cell.

4. Some microbes help make the snow ___ our ski resort.

5. They are twin spirals, one turning ___ the right, the other ___ the left.

6. Viruses were first discovered ___ 1892.

7. The bread will leaven ___ two hours.

8. Viruses act ___ the cells.

B. Prepositions on, by, of.

1. The cells__ the human body vary in size.

2. New cells are formed ___ division of old ones.

3. The bacteria are the workhorses ___ biotechnology.

4. They are ___the border-line between the living and the dead.

5. Transitory infections weaken a person for a considerable length ___ time.

6. Political leaders could order doctors to clone millions ___ sol­diers.

7. The virus that causes yellow fever in man was found ___ Wal­ter Reed and his associates.

8. They colonized this inviting ecological niche, arriving __ the air, ___ doctor's hands...

C. Prepositions for, from, with.

1. They perform the special task designed ___ them in the living body.

2. Could this method of reproduction work ___ humans in the future?

3. Viruses have been known ___ a hundred years already.

4. The human body is a congregation of lots of cells that all started ___ a single cell.

5. Then Dr. Gurdon took a body cell ___ a different frog and put its nucleus into the egg cell.

6. Our technologies will allow us to get children ___ simple traits such as being taller, etc.

7. Cancer cells travel in the blood stream to other parts of the body ___ the breast to the armpits, for example.

8. Scar tissue is a replacement of other tissue ___ connective tis­sue cells.


IX. Here are some answers. What are the questions?

1. With a single fertilized egg cell.

2. By division of old ones.

3. To stimuli from the environment outside their walls.

4. By direct injury, by lack of foodstuff, etc.

5. Anything that cuts off the blood supply to a part of the body.

6. By replacement of cells.

7. In the skin, membranes, and glands.

8. To expand and contract.

X. Check your comprehension.

Decide if each statement below is true or false according to the reading. If the statement is false, tell why.

1. Most cells can be seen with the naked eye.

2. It is now known how new cells are formed.

3. The environment outside the walls of the cells does not affect the cells.

4. No one knows how different kinds of cells function.

5. Poison from chemical substances can kill cells.

6. A disease does not damage or deform cells.

7. Nerve cells cannot replace themselves.

8. Secretions are poured out by epithelial cells.

9. Scar tissue is a replacement of other tissue with muscle cells.

10.Smooth muscle cells are found in the voluntary muscles of the body.


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