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V. Restate the following sentences according to the pattern.

A.Change into negative.

Example:Most cells can be seen only when greatly magnified. Most cells can't be seen when greatly magnified.

1. Most cells can be seen only when greatly magnified.

2. New cells are formed by division of old ones.

3. This spread of cancer cells is called metastasis.

4. The evolution has been faced with new problems.

5. Cloning clinics will be founded in future.

6. A great many viruses have been identified since 1901.

7. These strains could then be massproduced in large tanks.

B. Use the verbs in the Passive Voice.

Example:Yeasts leaven our bread.

Our bread is leavened by yeasts.

1. Yeasts leaven our bread.

2. We are putting bacteria to work in wondrous ways.

3. Scientists spliced the gene of a toad into the genes of a bacte­rium.

4. The pharmaceutical giant was erecting a new facility when I vi­sited it.

5. It will produce Humulin.

6. Doctors would take a healthy egg from a woman and destroy the nucleus.

7. People have accepted artificial fertilization.

8. A herpesvirus can cause blindness.

C. Use the verbs in the Active Voice.

Example:This method of reproduction is called "cloning". (We...)

We call this method of reproduction "cloning".


1. Sometimes the stomach is invaded by cancer cells. (Cancer cells...)

2. Hormones are manufactured by endocrine-gland cells. (Endo­crine-gland cells...)

3. The egg's nucleus is being destroyed at the moment. (A biolo­gist...)

4. Central secrets of the cell growth and development have not yet been fathomed. (People...)

5. Under the microscope hundreds of different varieties of cancer cells can be identified. (Scientists...)

6. Secretions are poured out by epithelial cells. (Epithelial cells...)

7. The genetic information of the egg's nucleus was destroyed. (They...)

8. A new form of immortality could be found. (People...)


D. Ask questions about the information in italics.

Example:The first tadpole was cloned in 1968. (When...?) When was the first tadpole cloned?

1. "Virus" has become a fashionable medical diagnosis. (What...?)

2. Research into such therapies has expanded markedly in the past five to 10years. (When...?)

3. Today two thirds or more of these episodes can be prevented with medication. (How...?)

4. Both these groups are placed in the kingdom Protista. (Where...?)

5. Tadpoles have been cloned a lot of times since 1968. (How many times...?)

6. Bandages are wound with even firm pressure to prevent further bleeding. (Why...?)

7. The patient should be lead to a tap or sink. (Who... ?)


VI. Rearrange these series of words to form sentences (or questions).

Example:formed / cells / are / division / by / ones / old / of/ new.

New cells are formed by division of old ones.

1. formed / cells / are / division / by / ones / old /of/ new.

2. can / damaged / be / cells / and / killed / invasion / by / bacterial.

3. and / cells / epithelial / found / in / the / are / membranes / glands / skin.

4. muscle / where / are / cells / found?

5. malaria / is / by / tiny / a / parasite / caused / which / is / carried / mosquitoes / by?

6. results / the / what / are / artificial / of/ fertilization / called?

7. exact/nature/the/ viruses /of/has /been/not/settled/yet.

8. have / many / been / names / given / the / to / cancer / cells / dif­ferent.

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