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Procedures in hospital

To cure / handle / treat a patient

To give smb first aid

To clean the wound with antiseptic / To put a little antiseptic on the wound

To dress a wound / To apply a dressing to a wound

To put a bandage on

To remove a dressing

To replace a dressing

To have oneís leg put in plaster

To go round on crutches (until the plaster comes off)

Young bones set quickly

To have oneís arm in a sling

To give an injection / To give a needle

To inject smth into oneís arm / To inject oneís arm with smth

To give blood transfusion

To have a course of treatment /To undergo treatment (for a disease)

To try out a new course of treatment on smb / To test smth on smb


Patientsí condition

To be in good condition Ant: To be in poor condition

To be in no condition to do smth

To be in (out of) condition / to be fit (unfit) for smth

To be bedridden / to be confined to bed

Deteriorating condition, To take a turn for the worst

To feel like death warmed up, To be in critical / serious condition, To be slipping away, To be fading fast

To fight for life

To bring on complications, Complications set in

The life is hanging by a thread, Itís just a matter of time

To pass away, To die of an illness, To die from a wound, To die through neglect,

To have a relapse

To be in a coma, Ant: To come out of the coma

To recover / regain consciousness / To come to / To come round, To show signs of coming round

To respond to treatment, To make a progress, To turn the corner, The worst is over, To be on the mend, To come along nicely, Stable / satisfactory condition

To make a miraculous recovery

To be out of /off the danger list, To be up and about

To be completely recovered, To be as good as new, To be as right as rain, To be on oneís feet again



To go ahead with an operation

To operate on smb for smth / To perform surgery (an operation) for smth

To undergo an operation / to have an operation


To avoid post-operative complications

To have appendix removed / To have appendix out

To come through an operation

To be under the anaesthetic

The effect of the anaesthetic wears off


Convalescence and recuperation period

To survive an illness

To build up oneís strength

To examine oneís eating habits, drinking habits, sleeping habits

To live to be a hundred



To be in the habit of doing smth

To fall into / to get into the habit of doing smth

To cure smb of the habit

To get out of the habit / to break the habit / to kick the habit

A hard habit to break

Old habits die hard.

To do harm / To cause harm to smb /smth

To be harmful (Ant: harmless) to oneís health

To abuse smth, An abuse of smth

An addict, to be addicted to smth,

To overcome oneís addiction to smth

Heart Disease



A risk factor for a disease , A major cause of a disease

To contribute to (the development of) the disease

To put oneself at risk

To store up trouble

To eat fatty food (diets)

To be overweight

Weight fluctuation

Drinking and smoking


Prevention or cure

Prevention is better than cure

To examine oneís eating habits and drinking habits

To cut down on smth

To cut out fatty foods

To eat more fibre

To go on a diet, to be on a diet

Vitamin-rich diet, Ant: A diet deficient in (of) vitamins / to lack vitamins, Vitamin deficiency

To choose smth over smth

To lower blood pressure

To take more exercise (Compare: To do more exercises)

Moderate exercise

To reduce strain on heart

To have a positive effect / To be beneficial / To benefit

The harm may outweigh the benefit

Smoking/ Drinking / Drugs

Why do they start?

To be introduced to smoking / drinking / drugs by smb

Under friendsí pressure, To pressure smb into doing smth

To share alcohol in a family setting

To look grown-up

To copy parents

To join the crowd

Not to lose face

It becomes a sign of strength

To feel more relaxed and sociable

To escape from a life that may seem too hard to bear

To escape the feeling of worthlessness


A non-smoker

A habitual smoker, a chain smoker, to chain smoke

Passive smoking

To inhale smoke Ant: to exhale

To get through 20 cigarettes a day

A craving for a cigarette

The harmful effects of smoking

The smell of smoke puts people off

To burn a great deal of money

To develop a bad dry persistent cough

Mouth sores, Damage to teeth

To increase blood pressure and pulse rate

To be constantly short of breath

Skin wrinkles faster and deeper

To run a risk of damage to the unborn babies

To bring on / cause lung cancer, heart disease, chronic bronchitis, emphysema


To put a cigarette out, to extinguish a cigarette

To put an end to smoking

To give up / quit / stop / cut out smoking

To stay smoke-free

Thatís easier said than done.



A teetotaler, to stay sober, to be tipsy, to get drunk, to turn into an alcoholic

To be legally under age

Symptoms and Consequences

To be intoxicated / to be drunk To weaken the senses To cloud the judgement Clumsy actions Slurred speech To suffer from double vision and loss of balance To feel more relaxed and light-hearted To fall unconscious To suffer from hangover To cause heart disease and brain damage


Symptoms and Consequences

Hard drugs, soft drugs, legal drugs

To take drugs / use drugs / be on drugs

To affect smth, To be badly affected

To develop side-effects

To cause unbalanced emotions

To bring on confusion and frightening hallucinations

To experience drowsiness, moodiness, loss of appetite, a high level of deceit

Drug-taking leads to crime

Withdrawal effects wear off slowly

To do lasting damage to the bodies

Mental disorders

To cause heartbeat irregularities

To cause sudden death

To die from continued drug abuse


To fight against drugs

To resist drug experimentation

To dissuade friends from experimenting

Parental guidance

To suggest other ways of spending time together

To arrange anti-drugs campaigns

To have a drug-education programme for children

To hold drug education lessons

To arrange visits with ex-addicts

To avoid glamourising bad habits


The stresses and strains of modern life

Tensions of everyday life

A stressful job

To be under stress

Causes and symptoms

To burn the candle at both ends / To overwork / To overdo things

To be overtired, To have a feeling of exhaustion

Overworking and over-involvement in domestic problems

To suffer from constant irritability, tiredness, insomnia, lack of appetite

To have difficulty in making decisions, concentrating

To experience a feeling of having failed

To see oneself as the scapegoat

To be worn out, To feel run down

To build up a stress level

To bring on severe depression

To head for a nervous breakdown

Stress-based illnesses

How to cope with it

Positive stress

To thrive on stress

To fight off stress, to handle stress, to control stress,

To avoid stress

To take it easy

To confront, to avoid the situation

To have a change of scene

To eat regular meals

To wind down after a tiring day

To have a few early nights



It makes my heart ache. Time heals all sorrows. I intended no hurt to his feelings. Coughs and sneezes spread diseases. Abusive / insulting remarks In a dead faint By / in fits and starts Vitally / extremely important To take a breath To breathe a sigh of relief To be breathless with terror Breathtaking / exciting / spectacular


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