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Asking about health


To ask after smb:   How is N. keeping? How is N these days? Whatís wrong with N.? Whatís the trouble with N? Where does it hurt? What seems to be the matter? To show sympathy:   I am sorry to hear that! Oh, no! Poor old N.! How upsetting / awful! I know how it feels. Give him my regards! We wish you speedy recovery! To give advice:   Why donít you lie down? Would you like an aspirin? Would you like me to call the doctor? Let me know if there is anything I can do. Tell him to take things easy. I hope he soon gets over it / feels better




Doctor / physician/ medical man General Practitioner (GP) Surgeon Optician Paediatrician / childrenís doctor Gynaecologist / womenís doctor Psychiatrist Dentist Midwife Nurse Pharmacist


Making an appointment with a doctor

To call a doctor

To make / fix / to ask for an appointment with smb

To have an appointment with smb

To keep an appointment Ant: To break / cancel / miss an appointment

To be by appointment only (Consultation is by appointment only)

Surgery hours are from 9 to 5.

To check oneís schedule

To be fully booked

To fit smb in


To consult / to see a doctor

To go for a check-up / to have a check-up

Annual check-up

To come at the appointed time

To arrive at the waiting-room

Surgery / Consulting-room

What do we do at the doctorís?

To complain to smb of smth

To consult a doctor about

To breathe in, to breathe out (deeply)

To have oneís eyes examined

To have a blood test done

To have oneís eyesight tested

To have oneís chest X-rayed

To have oneís cardiogram taken

To have oneís tonsils removed

To have oneís height and weight measured

To malinger / to feign a sickness; To be a malingerer

To be diagnosed with


What do the doctors do?


To examine (carefully / thoroughly) / To give (a thorough / careful) examination; To examine for smth

To feel the pulse, To take the pulse

To sound the heart and lungs

To take the temperature,

To take smbís blood pressure

To test smbís eyesight


To diagnose an illness as smth

To make a (skilful, accurate) diagnosis

It sounds like Ö to me

By the sound of it, you caught a cold

Medications and their effects


A medicine for To take medicines (pills, tablets) A painkiller Antibiotics Vitamins Half an aspirin Eye drops, nose drops To put in drops, to put drops into the nose Cough mixture, lozenges To rub ointment in / To rub ointment into the skin To apply mustard plaster To use herbal remedies /medicinal herbs Vaccination, To vaccinate against smth   To ease / soothe / relieve / reduce / lessen a pain To kill / deaden a pain To reduce fever / to bring down the temperature To reduce the swelling To reduce the blood pressure To relieve symptoms To fight off infection To prevent complications To build up strength To speed up the recovery


Procedures of curing

To grant (two-weeksí) sick-leave

To go on sick-leave

To be on sick-leave / on the sick-list

To be off work sick / To stay away from school

To keep to bed, to stay in bed / to have total bed rest Compare: To take to bed

To treat a person for a disease (with smth)

To cure a person of a disease, To cure an illness

A cure for a disease / A remedy for a disease

To put smb on treatment, To put smb on antibiotics

To follow the doctorís instructions



To prescribe some medicine (for smb) for an illness

To write out a prescription for smth

To prescribe a course of treatment, a course of injections

To take a teaspoonful 3 times a day after meals, last thing at night, before going to bed

To gargle with salt water

To follow the directions

Be careful not to exceed the prescribed dose

To avoid side-effects of the pill

At the chemistís

The chemistís / A drugstore

To take the prescription to the chemistís

To have medicines on hand

Available on prescription

To have the prescription filled / made up at the chemistís

To leave the prescription with the chemist

To come by for the prescription later



The cut heals up / heals over

The swelling goes down

The pain goes away / wears off / eases off

To be out of pain

To be (well) on the road to recovery / on the way to recovery

To be on the mend

To recover from an illness

To recover after an operation

To get over / to overcome a disease

To make a recovery, To make a quick recovery, slow recovery, good recovery, total recovery

To burst with health

Dental problems

The tooth needs seeing to, stopping, pulling

The tooth is bothering me

The tooth keeps me awake

The pain skips around

To have a loose filling which is about to drop out / fall out

To have a sore gum

The tooth is sore to the touch

The tooth is sensitive to heat and cold

To have a cavity in the tooth and a (good deal of) decay around it

The decay has gone deeply into the tooth

The jaw swelled with toothache

To dread coming to see a dentist

To put off going to the dentist

To pluck up oneís courage

Dental equipment


Dentistís chair Electric drill A syringe A tongue depressor A pair of forceps A mirror on a long handle


Dental procedures

To open oneís mouth wide

To look over / to examine oneís teeth Compare: to see to the teeth

To give an injection of a painkiller (of Novocaine)

To feel a prick on the gum

To drill a tooth

To put in a filling / To fill in a cavity

To last / hold long (The filling will last long)

To save a tooth

To have oneís teeth cleaned

To have oneís tooth X-rayed

To have oneís tooth filled / stopped

To have oneís tooth pulled / extracted / taken out, To have a tooth out

Painful, Ant: painless extraction

Dentistís advice

To take better care of oneís teeth

Not to put off going to the dentist

To have oneís teeth examined twice a year

To clean, to brush oneís teeth regularly

To use dental floss

To keep an eye on a diet

Be true to your teeth or your teeth will be false to you

To have sound teeth


Hospital terminology


An in-patient, Ant: an out-patient A casualty To call the ambulance To take to hospital To check in hospital Ant: to discharge from hospital A case history An interesting case A (surgical) ward Intensive therapy / Intensive care unit To make rounds / To go oneís rounds


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