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Explanation of previous experience

Most application forms give limited space to expand on previous duties in a company; what you did, how many people were involved, what your detailed responsibilities were. Without elaborating too much or boasting, you should stress your responsibilities and authority in the company(ies), projects you undertook, changes you effected, or schemes you introduced.

While I was at (name of company) I took responsibility for (title) and this meant I (description); within (period of time) the firm/department was able to (description of improvements)...

During my time at (name of firm) I worked on several (description) schemes which were very successful as they meant (description)...

At (name of company) my duties included (description). This gave me more experience in (description) which was very valuable when I moved to (name of next company).

(Name of company) encouraged day release at (name of college/institute) where I studied (subject) and took a (degree/diploma/certificate) in (date). After two more years of management experience /joined (name of company).



Reasons you are applying

All companies will want to know why you are applying for a particular position. This not only means explaining why you want the job but why you think your particular skills and experience would be valuable to the firm.

I am particularly interested in the position you offer as I know my previous experience and academic background would be valuable in this area of (engineering; teaching; accountancy, etc.).

I am sure I would be successful in this post as I have now gained the experience and skills that are required.

As (title of post) I know my background in (area of work) would prove valuable to you, especially as I have been dealing with (explanation)...

This position would require someone who has had extensive experience of (area of work) which I gained both academically and commercially at (college and companies).




At the end of the letter, look forward to the interview and offer to supply more information if necessary.

/ look forward to hearing from you. However, if there is any further information you require in the meantime, please contact me.

Please let me know if there are any other details you need. Meanwhile, I look forward to hearing from you.

I hope to hear from you in due course. Please let me know if you would like further information about me.

I will be able to give you more detailed information at an interview, and I look forward to seeing you.


Furstenweg 110

The Manager D3000 Hannover 71

Mitchell Hill PLC

Merchant Bank 21 June 20

11-16 Montague Street

London EC ISDN


Dear Mr Curtis,

I am writing to you on the recommendation of David McLean, Assistant Manager in your securities department.

A year ago Mr McLean was on a banking course here with me in Hannover, and he suggested that I should contact your company and mention his name. He told me that you often employ people from other countries on a one-year basis, if they have had banking experience.

I am a 28 year-old employee of the International Bank in Hannover, working in the Overseas Securities Department, and have been with this organization for the past two years, since graduating from the University of Munich in 19 with a degree in Economics,

As well as speaking fluent English, I also have a very good working knowledge of French.

In my present position as Assistant to the Director of the International Securities Department, I deal with a wide range of investments from companies throughout Europe, buying shares and bonds for them on a worldwide basis.

My bank encourages all its staff to spend a year abroad for the experience of working with different systems, and my Director would be willing to give you a reference.

I would like to spend a year or so in the UK to gain experience in securities investment with a British bank, and in exchange, I think my experience and languages would prove useful to your organization.

If you think it would be possible to offer me a position, please send me an application form where I will be able to give you more specific details about myself.

I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Yours sincerely,

Marcus Bauer



Specimen letters



Unsolicited letter

Notice in this letter how the applicant first mentions how he knows of the company, then gives brief details of his age, education, and experience, then refers to his Director who approves of staff spending time abroad. Finally, he tells the bank why he wants to join them for a temporary stay in the UK, and asks for an application form. Of course, he could also include a c.v. with the letter, but knows the practice of this firm is to send application forms.



1. How did Mr Bauer hear about the bank he is applying to?

2. What does he do in the bank where he now works?

3. What are his qualifications?

4. Why does his bank encourage people to go on overseas courses?

5. What does he want the UK bank to send him?

6. Which words in the letter correspond to the following: suggestion; getting a qualification; various methods of doing things; particular?



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