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Acknowledging an order

As soon as an order is received by a supplier, it should be acknowledged. This letter can be quite short, as the letter at 5.4.3.

Thank you for your order No. 338B which we received today. We are now dealing with it and you may expect delivery within the next three weeks.

Your order, No. 6712/1 is now being processed and should be ready for despatch by next week.

We are pleased to say that we have already made up your order, No. 9901/ 1/5 for 50 canteens of 'Silverline' cutlery, and are now making arrangements for shipment to Rotterdam.



Advice of despatch

When the supplier has made up the order and arranged shipment, the customer is informed of this in an advice. This may be done on a special form (see 5.4.7) or in a letter.

Your order, No. D/154/T, has now been placed on board the SS Mitsu sailing from Kobe on 16 May and arriving Tilbury, London, on 11 June. The shipping documents have already been sent to your bank in London for collection.

We are pleased to advise you that the watches you ordered -No. 88151 /24 -were put on flight BA 165 leaving Zurich 11.00, 9 August arriving Manchester 13.00. Please find enclosed air waybill DC 15161/3 and copies of invoice A 113/3.

Please be advised that your order, No. YI/151/C, has now been put on the Glasgow-London express and can be collected at Euston station. Enclosed is consignment note No. 1167153 which should be presented on collection. You should contact us immediately if any problems arise. Thank you for your order, and we hope we can be of service in the future.



Specimen letters and forms


Placing an order: covering letter

This letter follows on from the correspondence at 3.3.4 and 4.3.5. F. Lynch & Co. have decided to place an order with Satex S.p.A. and are sending a covering letter with the form.



1 In the letter at 3.3.4 Lynch & Co. said they were likely to order over 500 sweaters, but their actual order is only for 150. What might be the reason for this?

2 How will Lynch & Co. pay?

3 How soon do they want the sweaters?

4 If the sweaters they have ordered are out of stock, would they accept substitutes?


F. Lynch & Co. Ltd.

(Head Office), Nesson House, Newell Street, Birmingham B3 3EL

Telephone: 021 236 6571 Fax: 021 236 8592 Telex: 341641


Satex S.p.A Your ref: D/1439

Via di Pietra Papa our ref: Order DR4316

00146 Roma 9 March 20



Attn. Mr D. Causio

Dear Mr Causio,

Please find enclosed oui order, No. DR4316, for men's and boys' sweaters in assorted sizes, colours, and designs.

We have decided to accept the 15% trade discount you offered and terms of payment viz. documents against payment, but would like these terms reviewed in the near future.

Would you please send the shipping documents and your sight draft to Northminster Bank (City Branch), Deal Street, Birmingham B3 ISO.

If you do not have any of the listed items in stock, please do not send substitutes in their place.

We would appreciate delivery within the next six weeks, and look forward to your acknowledgement.

Yours sincerely,

Lionel Crane

Chief Buyer


Enc. order form No. DR4316


ORDER No. DR 4316 F. Lynch & Co. Ltd. (Head Office), Nesson House, Newell Street, Birmingham B3 3EL Telephone: 021 236 6571 Fax 021 236 8592 Telex: 341641 Satex S.p.A Via di Pietra Papa 00146 Roma ITALY Authorized..  
Quantity Item description   Cat. No. Price c.i.f. London  
50 30 40 V Neck: 30 Red/20 Blue Roll Neck: 15 Black/15 Blue Crew Neck: 15 Green/15 Beige Crew Neck: pattern R432 N154 N154 R541 £13.80 each £ 9.40 £16.00 £12.60
    Note: Subject to 5% quantity discount        
Comments: 15% Trade Disc. Pymt. D/P Del. 6 weeks Date: 9 March 20



Order form

This is Lynch & Co.'s official order form.



1 When should the order be delivered?

2 How will Lynch & Co. pay?

3 Who is L. Crane?

4 What sort of discounts have been agreed?

5 If the order was faxed to Satex, which number would be used?

6 Which reference identifies the sweaters?

7 Besides the price, what other costs are covered to London?

8 If Lynch & Co. need further correspondence with Satex on this order, what reference would they use?



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