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Confirm the terms of payment.

As agreed you will draw on us at 30 days, documents against acceptance, with the documents being sent to our bank a?...

We would like to confirm that payment is to be made by irrevocable letter of credit which we have already applied to the bank for.

Once we have received your advice, we will send a banker's draft to...

... and we agreed that payments would be made against quarterly statements...




Confirm the agreed discounts.

We would like to thank you for the 30% trade discount and 10% quantity discount you allowed us.

Finally, we would like to say that the 25% trade discount is quite satisfactory.

... and we will certainly take advantage of the cash discounts you offered for prompt settlement.

Although the rather low trade discount of 15% disappointed us, we will place an order and hope that this allowance can be reviewed at some time in the near future.




Confirm the delivery dates.

It is essential that the goods are delivered before the beginning of November in time for the Christmas rush.

Delivery before February is a firm condition of this order, and we reserve the right to refuse goods delivered after that time.

Please confirm that you can complete the work before the end of March, as the opening of the supermarket is planned for the beginning of April.



Methods of delivery

Many firms use forwarding agents (see 11.3.5) who are specialists in packing and handling the documentation for shipping goods. Nevertheless, you should still advise the firm as to how you want the goods packed and sent to ensure prompt and safe delivery, so that if the consignment does arrive late, or in a damaged state, your letter is evidence of the instructions you gave.

... and please remember that only air freight will ensure prompt delivery.

Please send the goods by Red Star express as we need them urgently.

We advise delivery by road to avoid constant handling of this fragile consignment.

Could you please ship by scheduled freighter to avoid any unnecessary delays?




Advise your supplier how you want the goods packed. Note, in the first example, that crates are often marked with a sign - a diamond, a target, a square, a lion, etc. - that can be recognized by the supplier and customer.

Each piece of crockery is to be individually wrapped in thick paper, packed in straw, and shipped in wooden crates marked^ and numbered 1 to 6.

The carpets should be wrapped in thick grease-proof paper which is reinforced at both ends to avoid wear by friction.

The machines must be welt greased with all movable parts secured before being loaded into crates, which must be marked.




We hope that this will be the first of many orders we will be placing with you.

We will submit further orders, if this one is completed to our satisfaction.

If the goods sell as well as we hope, we shall send further orders in the near future.

I look forward to receiving your advice/ shipment/acknowledgement/ confirmation.



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