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Catalogues, price-lists, prospectuses, samples

Make sure that you enclose current catalogues and price-lists if you are sending them. And if prices are subject to change, then let your customer know. It is bad policy to suddenly send a letter telling him that prices have been increased by 10% after you have quoted a firm price. And if you are sending samples, let your customer know they will follow the letter immediately by separate post.

Please find enclosed our current catalogue and price-list quoting c.i. f. prices Kobe. The units you referred to in your letter are featured on pp. 31-34 under catalogue numbers Y32-Y37.

When ordering could you please quote these numbers? The samples you asked for wilt follow by separate post.

We have enclosed our booklet on the Omega 2000 and are sure you will agree that it is one of the finest machines of its kind. It can be adapted to your specifications and details of this are on page 12 under the heading 'Structural Changes'.

We have sent you our summer catalogue which unfortunately is only printed in English. However, we have enclosed a German translation for the relevant pages (41-45) and hope this will prove helpful.

... and we have enclosed our price-list, but should point out that prices are subject to chance as the market for raw materials is very unstable at present.



Demonstrations, representatives, showroom visits

Certain products, e.g. heavy equipment, machinery, installations, may need demonstrating. In these cases the company might send a representative, or adviser if equipment is to be installed. They could, however, suggest that the customer visits their agent in his own country, or a stockist with a showroom.

We have enclosed all the details about the Laren welder, but feel that a demonstration will give you more of an idea of its capabilities. We would therefore like to invite you to our centre in Birmingham where the equipment is set up so that you can see the machine in action.

As the enclosed illustrated booklet cannot really show the efficiency of the Farnon word processor, can we send our representative to you with a model of the machine, and he can give you a demonstration? If you are interested in a visit, please fill in the enclosed pre-paid card and return it to us.

The enclosed catalogue will give you an idea of the type of sound equipment we produce, but may we suggest that you visit our agent's showrooms in Rotterdam where you can see a wide range of units? The address is...

We will be able to install the equipment within three months, but would like to send Mr T. Griffith, our chief engineer, to look over your plant and prepare a report on the installations, taking into account your particular requirements.




Always thank the customer for writing to you. If you have not done so in the beginning of the letter, you can do so at the end. You should also encourage further enquiries.

Once again we would like to thank you for writing to us and would welcome any further points you would like us to answer.

Please write to us again if you have any questions, or call us at the above telephone number.

I am sorry we do not have the model you asked for, but I can promise you that the alternative I have suggested will certainly meet your expectations, and remember we offer a full guarantee for three years.

We hope to hear from you again, soon, and can assure you that your order will be dealt with promptly.




In your reply to an enquiry, you may want to give your prospective customer a quotation. Below is a guide to the subjects you should cover in your quotation.




When a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer quotes a price, he may or may not include other costs and charges such as transport, insurance, and taxes (e.g. in the UK, Value Added Tax or VAT). Prices which include these extra costs are known as gross prices; those which exclude them are known as λεγ prices.

The net price of this article is £ 10.00, to which must be added VAT at 17Σ2%, making a gross price of £11.75.

We can quote you a gross price, inclusive of delivery charges, of £37.50 per 100 items. These goods are exempt from VAT.

A firm's quotation is not necessarily legally binding, i.e. they do not always have to sell you the goods at the price they quoted in their reply to an enquiry. However, when prices tend to fluctuate, the supplier will add a provision to their quotation stating that their prices are subject to change. If the company makes a firm offer, it means they will hold the goods for a certain time until you order, e.g. firm 14 days. Again, this is not legally binding, but suppliers generally keep to their offer to protect their reputation.

The prices quoted above are provisional, since we may be compelled by increased costs of raw materials to increase our prices to customers. I will inform you immediately if this happens.

We can offer you a price of £6.29 per item, firm 21 days, after which the price will be subject to an increase of 5%.

Whenever possible you should quote prices in your customer's currency, allowing for exchange fluctuations.

The price of this model of cassette-player is 2,800 Belgian francs at today's rate of exchange.

We can quote you a price of 150,000 Italian lire per 100 units, though I regret that, because of fluctuating exchange rates, we can only hold this price for four weeks from today's date.



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