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Request for goods on approval

Mr Hughes, the customer, has dealt with Homemakers before and the enquiry has a casual tone about it. He has enclosed a provisional order because he is confident that Mr Cliff, the supplier, will agree to offering the kits on approval so that Mr Hughes can test the demand for them. In this case references are not necessary; if they were, Mr Hughes could offer another supplier or his bank as a referee. The reply to this letter is at 4.3.6.



1 Why does Mr Hughes want the goods on approval?

2 Does he expect Mr Cliff to agree? How do you know?

3 When does he want the kits?


R. Hughes & Son Ltd.

21 Mead Road, Swansea, Glamorgan 3ST 1DR

Telephone: Swansea 58441 VAT No. 215 2261 0

Telex: 881821



Mr R. Cliff, 17th November 20

Homemakers Ltd., 54-59


Cardiff CF1 1JW


Dear Mr Cliff,

Thank you for your last delivery. You will be pleased to hear that the

dressing tables are selling well.

A number of my customers have been asking about your bookcase and coffee table assembly kits which are listed in your Summer catalogue under KT 31, and we would like to test the demand for tHem. Would it be possible for me to have, say, half a dozen units of each kit, on approval, before placing a firm order?

I have enclosed an order, No. 1463, in anticipation of you agreeing, and as there is no particular hurry for the units, you could send them along with your next delivery.

Yours sincerely,


R. Hughes


Encl. Order 1463



Superbuy House. Wolverton Road, London SW16 7DN


Telephone: 081 3271651 Reg. No : 94116 London

Telex: 303113 VATNo.516841030

Fax: 081 3271935


The Manager Date: 10th January 19

Wembley Shopfitters Ltd.

Wycombe Road


Middlesex HA9 6DA

Dear Sir,

We are opening a new branch of 'Superbuys' in Wembley High Street in March and would like to know if you could send someone along to give us an estimate for refitting.

From our designer's plan enclosed, you can see that the premises were once used as a warehouse and would need extensive alterations which would include putting in counters, shelves, windows, rewiring, and reflooring.

The work would have to be completed before the end of February and you would be required to sign a contract to that effect. If the job interests you, please contact Mr Keith Bellon our Managing Director on 081327 1651 ext. 119 to arrange an appointment.

Yours faithfully,

Jean Landman

Secretary to K. Bellon

Encl. Wembley Plan AC/1342



Request for an estimate

A supermarket is asking a firm of shoplifters for an estimate to put in counters, shelves, windows, etc. The reply to this letter is at 4.3.7.



1 Why is an estimate needed? Why is it not possible to give a firm quotation?

2 What has to be done before the estimate can be given?

3 Can Wembley Shopfitters take as long as they want to complete the job?

4 Do Superbuys expect a letter in reply?

5 How should Mr Bellon be contacted?

6 Has anything been included with the letter?

7 How were the'premises originally used?



Points to remember

1 Enquiries can take the form of telephoned, telexed, or faxed requests for information. Only use these forms if you can make your enquiry very brief. For fuller enquiries, write a letter.

2 Give details of your own firm as well as asking for information from your prospective supplier.

3 Be specific and state exactly what you want. Quote box numbers, catalogue references, etc. to help your supplier to identify what you want.

4 Ask for samples if you are uncertain about a product.

5 You can suggest terms and discounts, but be prepared for your supplier to make a counter-offer.

6 You can be direct in your letter, yet still polite. Notice how the use of the passive can soften a request: / want a prompt reply is impolite; A prompt reply would be appreciated is better. Notice also how short sentences can create an abrupt effect, while a complex sentence can modify: We are large wholesalers. We are interested in your range of shirts is not as good as We are large wholesalers and are interested in your range of shirts.

7 Close with a simple thank you or I look forward to hearing from you', unless you want to indicate the possibility of substantial orders or further business.


Words to remember

to make an enquiry about a product

to enquire about a product

a company

a supplier

a customer

a wholesaler

a retailer

a bulk buyer

an agent

a principal

an associate

a representative

a subsidiary

a co-operative society

a Trade Association

a catalogue

a brochure

a booklet

a prospectus

a price-list

a leaflet

a showroom

a demonstration

a circular letter

a trade journal

samples patterns

to offer concessions

to quote a price

to suggest/state terms

cash discount

trade discount

quantity discount

monthly/quarterly statement

documents against acceptance

bill of exchange

to place an order

goods on approval

goods on sale or return

to stock a product

to hold/carry (a) stock of a product

to invite/seek a tender or estimate

to provide/supply a tender or estimate

a reference

to ask for trade references

to provide/supply trade references

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