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Asking for goods on approval or on sale or return

Sometimes wholesalers and retailers want to see how a line will sell before placing a firm order with the supplier. They may be able to do this by getting goods on approval or on a sate or return basis. In either case the supplier would have to know the customer well, or would want trade references. He will also place a time limit on when the goods must be returned or paid for.

Your leaflet advertising your latest publications of History magazines interested us, and we would like to stock a selection of these. However, we would only consider placing an order provided it was on the usual basis of sale or return. If this is acceptable we will send you our official order.



Asking for an estimate or tender

Estimates are quotations to complete a job of work, for example, putting a new roof on a factory or installing machinery. Tenders are similar quotations, but in a written form and often used when the job is much larger, e.g. building a complete factory. Very often, when this sort of work is for a government, or is a large undertaking, an advertisement is placed in the newspapers.

Advert: The Irish Tourist Organization invites tenders from building contractors to erect seating for 10,000 people for the Dublin Summer Festival. Tenders should be in by 1st March 19 and will be studied on price and suitability of construction plans.

Advert: The Zena Chemical Company invites tenders from private contractors for the disposal of chemical waste. Strict government regulations will be in force so only those licensed to deal with toxic substances should apply. Further details from...

A company may write circular letters to several companies inviting offers to complete a construction job or to effect repairs or decorating.

We are a large chain of theatres and are looking for estimates from upholsterers to re-cover the seats in our two main theatres in Manchester.

We are writing to a number of building contractors to invite estimates for the conversion of Northborough airfield into a sports and leisure centre. The work will include erecting buildings, providing facilities, e.g. ski slopes, parachute jumps, etc., and should be completed by next December. If you can provide a competitive estimate please contact us at...

As you might have read in the newspaper our firm has taken over International Motors PCL and we are in the process of automating their Hamburg factory. At present we are writing to several engineering designers who may be interested in converting the plant to a fully automated production unit. Enclosed you will find specifications, but we would welcome your surveyors to come and inspect the site with a view to supplying an estimate for the reconstruction.




Usually a simple "thank you' is sufficient to close an enquiry. However, you could mention that a prompt reply would be appreciated, or as the examples show, that certain terms or guarantees would be necessary.

Thank you for your attention. We hope to hear from you in the near future.

We would be grateful for an early reply.

Finally, we would like to point out that delivery before Christmas is essential and hope that you can offer us that guarantee.

If the concessions we have asked for could be met, we would place a substantial order.

Prompt delivery would be necessary as we have a fast turnover. We would therefore need your assurance that you could meet all delivery dates.

You can also indicate further business, or other lines you would be interested in if you think they could be supplied. If a supplier thinks that you may become a regular customer, rather than someone who has placed the odd order, he would be more inclined to quote competitive terms and offer concessions.

If the product is satisfactory, we will place further orders with you in the future.

If the prices quoted are competitive, and the quality up to standard, we will order on a regular basis.

Provided you can offer favourable quotations, and guarantee delivery within four weeks from receipt of order, we will place regular orders with you.



Specimen letters



Short enquiries

A Request for a catalogue and price-list


Dear Sir,

Please would you send me your Spring catalogue and price-list quoting c.i.f. prices, Le Havre? Thank you,

Yours faithfully,


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