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Writing letters of enquiry




Tell your supplier what sort of firm you are.

W are a co-operative wholesale society based in Zurich.

Our company is a subsidiary of Universal Business Machines and we specialize in...

We are one of the main producers of industrial chemicals in Germany, and we are interested in...


How did you hear about the firm you are writing to? It might be useful to point out that you know a firm's associates, or that they were recommended to you by a consulate or Trade Association.

We were given your name by the Hoteliers' Association in Paris.

You were recommended to us by Mr John King, ofiasworn & Davies, Merchant Bankers.

We were advised by Spett. Marco Gennovisa of Milan that you were interested in supplying ...

The British Embassy in Madrid told us that you were looking for an agent in Spain to represent you.

It is possible to use other references:

We were impressed by the selection of gardening tools that were displayed on your stand at this year's Gardening Exhibition held in Hamburg.

Our associates in the packaging industry speak highly of your Zeta packing machines and we would like to have more information about them. Could you send us...



Asking for catalogues, price-lists, prospectuses

It is not necessary to give a lot of information about yourself when asking for catalogues, brochures, booklets, etc. This can be done by postcard, but remember to supply your address, unless it is already printed, phone number, telex, and fax number if you have one. It would also be helpful if you could briefly point out any particular items you are interested in.

Could you please send your current catalogue and price-list for exhibition stands? We are particularly interested in 'furniture display' stands.

Would you let us have your summer brochure for holidays to Greece and the Greek Islands, and supply details of any low fares and tariffs for the month of September?

I would appreciate your sending me an up-to-date price-list for your building materials.

I am planning to come and study in London next autumn and I would like a prospectus for your college giving me information about fees and special courses in computing.

We have heard about your latest equipment in laser surgery and would like more details. Please send us any information you can supply, marking the letter 'For the Attention of Professor Kazuhiro', Tokyo General Hospital, Kinuta-Setagayaku, Tokyo, Japan.



Asking for details

When asking for goods or services you must be specific and state exactly what you want. If replying to an advertisement you should mention the journal or newspaper, the date, and quote any box number or department number given, e.g. Box No. 341; Dept. 4/12B. And if referring to, or ordering from a catalogue, brochure, leaflet, or prospectus, always quote the reference, e.g. Cat. No. A149; Holiday No. J/M/3;

Item No. 351; Course BL 362.

I am replying to your advertisement in the June edition of 'Tailor and Cutter'. I would like to know more about the 'steam pressers' which you offered at cost price.

I am interested in holiday No. J/M/3, the South Yugoslavian tour.

I will be attending the auction to be held in Turner House on 16 February this year, and am particularly interested in the job lot listed as Item No. 351.

Could you please give me more information about course BL 362 which appears in the language learning section of your summer prospectus?

I would appreciate more details about the 'University Communications System' which you are advertising on Grampian Television.



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