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1. Half of the faux pas involved violations of patient confidentiality.

2. For any party leader, persuading the voters otherwise is a tall order.

3. Among the upper and middle class, most young men pulled every string they could to avoid fighting in a war that few of them agreed with.

4. This was a far cry from the usual charges against Ms. Reno.

5. Panics among international investors are as old as the hills.

6. It could become more difficult to assign contracts based on price alone and increased watchdog attention means it will be harder to turn a blind eye on safety.

7. The city fathers have finally given the green light to the first new building project in the city.

8. Of the three workers who were in the immediate vicinity, two are so seriously injured that their chances are slim. The third might survive given appropriate medical care, but it will be touch and go.

9. The more companies Murdock works at the greater the odds that one of them will hit it big. But since hes part-time, he wont profit nearly as much as the full-timers.

10. To get his Internet company off the ground, Michael Chen makes a hundred decisions a week.

11. The members of the environmental movement are between a rock and a hard place. They dont like global warming and they dont like nuclear energy. But if they want to prevent global warming, they are going to have to embrace nuclear energy.

12. I think a good accountant could pretty much make a living anywhere doing taxes. If you are not out to make a killing, that is.

13. Even if you love what you are doing, some days a one-person business feels like a one-ton albatross.

14. Its such a mixture of truth and falsehood. Our job is to sift the wheat from the chaff.

15. Sean Connery got a big hand from friends and fans at the Lincoln Center.

16. I doubt she gave a hood what Violett said. Shed had quite a checkered past.

17. Something rang the bell with him, distantly perhaps but clear enough to make him stop.

18. According to the servants, Miss Birtley has always disliked him, and made no bones about showing it.

19. He looked more than ever like a youngster playing hookey from high school.

20. Analysts say the mining concessions could become a bone of contention in the fragile new government of President Joseph Kabila.

21. Corporate bosses are mostly seen as beaurocrats who have risen to the top of the organization and got their fingers in the till. In other words, they set their own pay.

22. Angola can join OPEC and still produce as much as it wants and sell at pleasure through non-transparent channels. Its like having cake and eating it, too.

23. I dont mind telling you Im like a cat on hot bricks until Ive got her safe!

24. There were chestnuts to be picked out of the fire, and he was for it.

25. Americas talk-show queen, the worlds richest black person, is aiming to transfer her Midas touch to the world of politics, as she tries to market Barack Obama as the first black American president. Sen Obama could certainly do with a touch of Oprah magic.

26. When he is neck and neck in the polls with Mr. Brown, Mr. Cameron will need his base willing him to win.

27. The introduction of university tuition fees, a policy that barely scraped through in the Commons, was one of the most shameful con-tricks perpetrated by Tony Blair while in office.

28. Biotech companies are sometimes accused of cutting corners to get drugs approved and to overstate their effectiveness.

29. The reality is not all doom and gloom. The right to pursue happiness will surely eventually take root in a less violent and more liberal form among cultures that are inimical to it.

30. International events often prove awkward and traumatic tests. Some of these are bolt from the blue moments which demand a response such as September 11, 2001 while others are closer to what Churchill called the gathering storm sort of crisis.

31. If you invest equities, you have to accept that market ups and downs are inevitable.

32. The move is a further sign that the star is losing interest in keeping up his status as an A-list leading man and is beginning to turn his back on Hollywood.


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