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We need to get moving.

It’s already late.

Are you still lazing around?

Rise and shine!


9. Clothing and getting dressed:


onesie = a common type of clothing for babies, that is one piece, and snap buttons around the legs

ponytail = long girl’s (usually not boy’s) hair, tied together but still hanging down

pigtail = long girl’s hair braided and hanging down

sneakers/ tennis shoes = shoes used for athletic activities

party dress = a fancy girl’s dress that she’d wear to a party

Sunday best = more formal clothes children have, that they’d wear to formal family functions (weddings, funerals) or, in religious families, to attend services

barrette = clip worn in girl’s hair to keep it in place

panties = underwear pants worn by girls

snowsuit = suit covering the entire body (except head) for going out in very cold weather or snow, often worn over another set of clothes

booties = just about any soft shoe worn by babies. Although it’s a diminutive of “boots”, which are higher around the ankles than regular shoes, a lot of things that people call “booties” aren’t really like this

velcro = a kind of closure for clothing or shoes where the two pieces just stick together when you press them together; to open you just pull them apart

bobby pins = hair pins worn by girls


It’s time to get dressed.

What do you want to wear today?

What do you feel like wearing today?

You need to change; we’re going to the store.

This shirt doesn’t go with those pants.

It’s too cold for short sleeves.

Is this shirt too tight?

Did you outgrow these pants already? Wow, you’re growing fast.

Are those shoes pinching your toes?

Here’s a pretty little shirt for you.(the words “pretty little” are just added to be affectionate)

You tore these pants; you can’t wear them today.

Look, you have a hole in your shirt.

Pick up your socks and put them in the laundry basket.

How did your clothes get so dirty?

You look smashing!

That dress was made for you!

That’s your style of shirt.

It’s not really your look.

Red is definitely your color.

Do you really have to change clothes three times a day?

Why does it take an hour to get dressed?

About the actual process of putting clothes on

Your pants are on backwards.

You’ve got your shoes on the wrong way.

Let me button up your shirt.

Your shirt is buttoned up wrong.

Do you know how to tie your shoelaces yet?

Straighten out your legs.

Put your legs straight out.

Don't bend your legs.

I can't get your pants on with your legs like that.

Come on, we need to get these pants on.

Sit still. / Stand still. / Stop squirming. / Stop fidgeting.

Will you button up the coat by yourself?

Unbutton your shirt.

Zip up your jacket; it’s cold out.

Unzip your jacket.

Now put on your sweater.

First put your arm through the sleeve, now put your head through.

You put your shoes on wrong / the wrong way.

You've got your right shoe on your left foot, and the left shoe on the right foot.

Those shoes are on wrong.

These shoes don't match/ don't go together.

Your sweater is on backwards. (meaning, the front side is in back).

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