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You make me so happy.

Come sit on my lap.

Come snuggle up next to me.

I need some hugs.

I’m running very low on kisses.

World’s neatest little girl/boy.

You’re my precious one.

You light up my day.

You’re (my) number one boy/girl.

I wouldn’t trade you for all the gold in the world.

You’re my biggest joy.

You’re my sunshine.

They don’t make them any better than this one.

I’d do anything for you. [Personally, I’d be cautious about using this one!]

“How much does Mommy/Daddy love John?” “This much!” (the child answers this with the arms streteched out wide). Or, answers can be made more colorful, e.g., “From here to the moon and back.”, etc.

You get 3 guesses as to who my favorite boy/girl is. (the 3 guesses are a sort of joke; they can answer with the names of other children to be funny)


5. What to say about or to someone else’s baby or child


bundle of joy – classic term referring to a new baby

So this is your new arrival?

I think he has his mommy’s eyes.

What an armful.

How’s the little one? Keeping you busy?

Is he sleeping through the night?

Has he said his first word yet?

She’s beyond precious. (Flattering: Meaning that the word “precious” itself isn’t enough to say how amazing this child is.)

Isn’t he adorable?

What an angel-face!

Isn’t she a darling?

Isn’t she a dear!

He’s so cute! (After a certain age boys might not want this said about them, except by girls of the same age. And some fathers object to it ever being used for their sons.)

Look at that button nose. (To a baby only)

Look at that mop of hair!(this is meant as a compliment when said of a baby)

He’s getting to be such a big boy.

You’ve got your hands full with this one.

Daddy’s little girl. (Usually refers to a girl whose father seems to dote on her a lot.)

She’ll wind you around her little finger. (Meaning, your daughter can get you to do anything she wants.)


Babies Vocabulary


baby food = soft pureed food that comes in bottles, for babies who don’t have enough teeth yet to chew

cranky (very often used to describe a baby that is in a bad mood, crying, angry)

fussy – another word used very often to describe babies that are crying, restless, etc colicky (a baby that won’t stop crying; colic has a specific medical meaning, but people use the word without any real proof that the baby has digestive problems)

to burp a baby to have gas - often said of babies who seem “colicky” - “He needs to be burped; he’s got gas.”

to swaddle a baby (wrap a baby tightly with a blanket, for little babies who are comforted by this)

to start a baby on solids - to start a baby on solid foods

teething= when the teeth start coming in (“She’s very cranky; she must be teething.”)

changing table = table on which the baby is put for changing

the diaper changing pad = small washable vinyl pad that a baby is put on for changing

the diaper mobile = toy attached to a crib, with several things hanging from it, that babies like to look at

crib = a baby’s bed with railing all around it to prevent falling off

crib railings = the vertical slats of wood that surround a crib and keep a baby from falling out of its crib

umbrella stroller = a type of stroller that folds compactly; looks sort of like an umbrella when folded

double stroller = a stroller for two children

in-line double stroller = one child sits in front, the other in behind

side-by-side double stroller = the children sit side by side

pacifier = plastic/rubber item put in baby’s mouth for sucking

comfort to suck = what babies do as they drink milk or use a pacifier

playpen = a box or space confined by a fence inside which a baby plays; they can’t get out of it

folding playpen = a playpen designed to fold up, convenient for parents

rocker = rocking chair

Baby bottle

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