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1. People who speak Esperanto are internationally minded, concerned about social justice and peace.

2. The supervisory control system is a system that is placed on the top of a real-time control system.

3. Most site control is performed automatically by remote terminal units.

4. Other automatic controller devices were being developed before the advent of industry standards.

5. It doesnít matter which method is used by you.

6. The method by which the data were gathered was not tightly controlled.

7. Electric currents maybe propagated through the earth and this knowledge has been utilized in many ways in the transmission of signals.

8. Almost all the electricity we use is generated by great machines with magnets in them.

9. Think of megapixels as millions of dots of light that are being stored for each picture.

10. This article is intended to illuminate some aspects of the education process of control theory in Russia.

11. The study of artificial neural networks was initially inspired by neurobiology.

12. Some researchers are still studying the neurophysiology of the human brain but much attention is not being focused on the general properties of neural computation.

13. At present high-capacity optical transmission systems are being installed between many major US cities at a rapid rate.

14. Hence, many optimization processes have been developed in the last decades to achieve the best solution in this research process.

15. Two popular techniques have been developed for optimization process.

16. Technology is the application of math, science, and the arts for the benefit of life as it is known.

17. This concept is also referred to by some network security people.

18. In network diagrams, the Internet is often represented by a cloud symbol, into and out of which network communications can pass.

19. Every year the atmosphere is polluted by about 1000 tons of industrial dust and other harmful substances.

20. The problem has been studied for three years, but they havenít got any result.


2. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct passive form.

There is an old castle in Norwich which 1) is believed (believe) to 2)... (haunt). It 3)... (call) North Castle and it 4)... (say) that ghosts can 5) ... (see) there at night. The castle 6) ... (build) 400 years ago and 7) ... (own) by two old ladies who 8)... (believe) to bewitches. One day, long ago, they both disappeared and they 9)... (never/see) again. In 1985 the castle 10)... (buy) by a businessman and 11)... (convert) into a luxurious hotel. The castle 12)... (visit) by quite a few guests every year and special groups 13)... (organize) to watch for ghosts. It has been a long time since any ghosts 14)... (see) but one night a 15) ... (play) on some visitors by a local couple, who dressed up as the "witches". They 16)... (see) by a guest, who said she17)Ö (frighten) almost to death. The couple apologized the next day and 18)... (tell) never to visit castle again, certainly not in the middle of the night dressed up as witches.


3. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct passive form.

Professor Higgins, who 1) was awarded (award) a major science prize last month, 2)... (invite) to take part in a conference which 3)... (hold) in London last week. He 4)... (meet) at the airport by a driver who, unfortunately, 5)... (give) the name of the wrong hotel to take the professor to. A large reception 6)... (organize) for the professor, and at least 200 eminent scientists 7)... (invite) to meet him that evening. The poor professor, however, 8)... (leave) at a small hotel in a rather bad area, and when he asked to speak to the Head of the Conference Committee he 9)... (tell) to try somewhere else because he 10) ... (not/hear of) there. Luckily, later that evening, the driver 11... (send) to the hotel where the reception 12) ... (hold), and when he 13) ... (ask) what he had done with the professor, everyone realized that a mistake 14)... (make). The professor says that if he 15)... (ever/send) another invitation to a conference, he hopes it 16)... (organize) more efficiently.


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