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Things to See in London

Every year, more than nine million people come from countries all over the world to visit London. They go to the theatres and museums; they look at interesting old buildings, many of them hundreds of years old; they sit or walk in the beautiful parks, or have a drink in a pub.

They go to Oxford Street to look at the shops, or to Harrods. Two million visitors go to the Tower of London. A million more go to see St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Yes, London is a big and beautiful city with lots to see and do.



London’s largest and most fashionable park. It was once a royal hunting forest. Restaurants and bars at each end of the lake. Swim or hire a boat on the Serpentine.



Number 10 Downing Street has been the home of the British Prime Minister since 1735.


Its official name is the Palace of Westminster. Most of the building was built in 1840 after a fire in 1834 destroyed the old palace. At the north end of the building by WestminsterBridge is the famous clock tower, Big Ben. In fact Big Ben is really the name of the bell in the tower not the clock.


London’s oldest building. Since it was build by William the Conqueror in the 11th century, this castle has been a royal palace, a prison, a place of execution, a zoo, the Royal Mint and an observatory. Today’s it’s a museum and houses the Crown Jewels. Gift shop.

Situated in Kensington. One of London’s greatest museums. A huge collection of animals and plants, including a quarter of a million butterflies, a blue whale and the famous dinosaur skeletons. Cafeteria, gift shop and book shop.

Open daily 10-5.45.


This famous waxworks has models of famous people from pop stars to prime ministers. Displays of battles and Chamber of Horrors. Gift shop.


10 miles outside London on a hill above the River Thames. The Observatory contains telescopes and displays about astronomy, including Hally’s Comet and Black Holes. The international meridian line runs through the Observatory. Video theatre and souvenir shop. Picnic in GreenwichPark. Take a river boat to Greenwich from WestminsterBridge.


You are on holiday in London with two other people. You want rooms for one night. Write a dialogue.


4. Read the three postcards and complete these sentences.

In Maureen’s earlier holiday in Florida there were _________________ .

When she went to Australia __________________________________ .

She thought this holiday was going to be different because she was ________________________________________________________ .

Unfortunately, at the airport she took __________________________ .

Well, after the typhoons in Florida, the worst weather for 40 years in Tenerife, and two weeks of non-stop rain in Australia. I thought this was going to be different. I was the first person to get my bags at the airport – which usually never happens to me – and the hotel was excellent. Then the phone rang. “Ms. Lipman?”- said a voice. “Yes”- I said. “I think I’ve got your suitcase”- said the voice.

Just going now to change the suitcase.

Love, Maureen.


Leslie wanted to catch _______________________________________________ .

He took his wife and children to the _____________________________________ .

When he tried to drive the car onto the train _______________________________ .

Unfortunately, the train that he and family were on was going ________________ .

Greeting from Italy! Confused? Here’s why we’re in Italy… At the end of our French holiday I drove very fast to get the car, my wife and kids on the train to Boulogne. We were very late. I took them to the sleeper part and then I drove to a different place to put the car on the train. Well, the guard said I was too late. So I did the kind of thing I never do and drove through the men and onto the train. When an official came up to me. I said, “I’m not moving”. “Where are you going?”, he asked. “Boulogne”, I replied. “Monsieur”, he said, “this train is going to Milan”.

See you soon! Leslie.


Claire wanted her holiday in the Caribbean to be ___________________________ .

There were problems with _____________________________________________ .

The tour they took was also bad because the taxi driver ______________________ .

Unfortunately, she had to say for two weeks although she ____________________ .

When we came to the Caribbean we were looking forward to a very comfortable holiday. But, it’s awful. The terrible – the plughole in our washbasin isn’t connected to the pipe and there’s water all over the bedroom floor. I went for a swim in the pool and came face to face with a rat! We decided to take a tour. But the taxi driver wouldn’t go faster than 5mph. Worst of all, we’ve booked for two weeks and can’t get an early flight home, so we’ll have to stay.

See you on the 19th, Claire.

5. Practice your grammar. Open the brackets.

1. What (happen) to Ann? – She (fall) ill. She (catch) cold yesterday. It (to be) very cold and she (be) lightly dressed.

2. Mary (move) to a new flat. – Oh, yes, I know. She (move) there last month.

3. Mike (not leave) yet. I (speak) with him over the telephone this morning.

4. Oh, what a nice dress you have on! I (not see) it.- It’s a new one. I (buy) it two weeks ago.

5. Margaret (take) the exam twice. She is through with it at last. – when she (pass) it? – Yesterday.

6. I can’t speak about this book as I (not read) it.

7. I (see) Jane at the concert. She (look) smart.

8. When you (go) to the picture last?

The Travel Agency


- Yes, sandstorms, poisonous snakes, and, on the last day a stampede of camels.

- A stampede of camels, what’s that?

- You stand in the middle of 300 camels. Somebody fires a gun, all the camels get up and run away.

- And we’re standing in the middle?

- Yes. Have you ever seen a frightened camel?

- No, but isn’t it dangerous?

- Of course it’s dangerous but that’s what makes it so exciting.

- Oh, well … How much is it?

- It’s just 800 pounds.

- 800 pounds?

- Each. And 5pounds extra for the stampede of camels.

- Look, haven’t you got anything cheaper?

- I think that’s rather expensive.

- Something cheaper, just let me look. Well … Yes. (to be continued)

- Just a moment. Yes, here we are. “A holiday to remember”. The Amazon jungle. Have you ever been to the Amazon jungle?

- No, we haven’t.

- We drop you in the middle of the Amazon jungle by parachute, and with a map …

- Well, at least we’ve got a map.

- … of the London underground.

- That sounds a bit strange, a bit dangerous.

- Well, of course it’s dangerous. That’s what makes it exciting. This is the 20th century, people want exciting holidays nowadays. You came in here and you asked for an exciting holiday.

- Yes, we do want an exciting holiday, but we don’t want a dangerous or a very expensive one or a holiday that’s too far away from home. (to be continued)

- Oh, I see. You want something nearer home. Have you ever been to Spain?

- No.

- How about 4 weeks in Spain fighting dangerous bulls?

- Bullfighting? … No, I don’t think we’d like that.

- How about 10 days in Paris …

- That sounds marvelous. Wonderful.

- … painting the EiffelTower.

- No, I don’t think we’d like that.

- Well, there isn’t much else except … Brighton. In a little hotel, very near the sea, very quiet.

- Oh, that sounds marvelous.

- No camels, no poisonous snakes, no jungles.

- Well, you can’t have everything, can you?

- How much is it?

- Just 50 pounds.

- Each?

- No, for the two of you.

- Fantastic. Yes, we’ll take it.


1. Complete the magazine article. Use words from the columns.


insurance documents driving licence plane ticket   Ways of paying traveller’s cheques credit card foreign currency Places to contact visa department travel agent car rental company


Travel Tips

Today, many people make all their travel arrangements over the phone. They call the travel agent and book their flight, and then give their ……………… number to pay for the ……………….. . If a visa is necessary, some travel agents take their customers’ passports to the embassy’s ………………. .

It’s not a good idea to carry lots of cash on holiday, so ……………. are a safe way to take money abroad. It’s easy to change them at the bank for ……………… during your trip.

If you don’t want to use public transport on holiday, ask about a good …………….. . remember to take your ……………… with you of course – you can’t drive without it! Keep it with you when you drive, and your …………. too. The police can ask to see them.

2. Read and find out why British people like to visit other countries for their holidays.


Reasons for Going Abroad

· The weather is better.

· The food is better – in particular, the fish is fishier and the meat is meatier.

· The people are happier and more polite.

· The wine is cheaper.

· The bars stay open later.

· The sea is warmer, bluer and cleaner.

· The night life is livelier.

· The markets are busier and noisier.

· The countryside is prettier.


And so many ordinary things are different – breakfast, street sign, postboxes, the ringing of the telephones, matches, newspapers, bread. In fact, nothing is ordinary at all.


3. Have you got the reasons of your own?


Greatest temperature range

Temperatures in Verkhoyansk, Siberia, have ranged 105 C from –68° C to 37° C.The greatest temperature variation recorded in 24 hours is 56° C , in a fall[7]from 7° C to –49° C at Browning, Montana, USA on 23-24 Jan 1916.

Hottest place

In 1960-66, the average max temperature at Dallol, Ethiopia was 34° C.

In Death Valley, California, USA, maximum temperature in excess of 49° C were recorded on 43 consecutive days between 6 July and 17 Aug 1917.

Marble Bar, Western Australia, has had a maximum temperature of 49.2° C.

Lowest temperature

On 21 July 1983, a record low temperature of – 89.2° C was registered in Vostok, Antarctica, at an altitude of 3,420m.

The coldest permanently inhabited place in the world is the Siberian village of Oymyakon in Russia, at an altitude of 700m. The temperature reached –68° C in 1933. More recently, an unofficial report cited a new low of –72° C.

Polyus Nedostupnosti or “Pole of Inaccessibility” in Antarctica is the coldest location in the world, with an extrapolated annual mean of –58° C.

Most sunshine

The annual average at Yuma, Arizona, USA, is 4,055 out of 4,456 possible hours of sun.


4. Practice your grammar. Write questions for the answers.

a. What _____________________ last night?

I stayed in and watched television.

b. What sort of books _____________ reading?

I like horror stories and science fiction.

c. _____________________ been to America?

Yes, I have. I went there last year. I really enjoyed it.

d. What _____________ the teacher ____________ ?

She’s helping Maria with this exercise.

e. _______________ your father do?

He works in a bank.

f. Why _______________ your homework last night?

Because I didn’t feel well.

g. How long ___________________ it take you to come to institute?

It takes me twenty minutes. I come by bus.

h. What __________ doing next weekend?

I don’t know. I haven’t got any plans yet.

i. _____________ you _____________ a CD player at home?

No, I haven’t. Just a tape recorder.


Read the tourist information about English speaking countries.

The USA is the fourth largest country in the world in size a population. It was founded in 1776. Its population is about 250 mln people, its area is nearly 9,500,000 square kilometres. There are many ethnic groups in the United States. The USA is called the «nation of immigrants». There are no official languages in this country.


Majorlanguages are American English and Spanish. The USA is a federal union of 50 states. The largest state is Alaska The capital is WashingtonD.C. (district of Columbia). It's a city and district. We shouldn't mix it with the state Washington.

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