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The Cathedralof Christthe Saviour

The cathedral stands over Moscow with its five gleaming domes. The height of the Cathedral is 103,5 meters at the top of the main cross, the diameter of the main dome is 29,9 meters, the walls extend 3,2 meters in width. The frescoes cover 27,000 square meters. The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour is the largest church in Russia, able to hold 10,000 people.

The interior of this church recreates the convent's interior decoration. The iconostasis is styled according to 16th century standards. Frescoes were painted by local artists within one year. The galleries encircling bear the names of Russian soldiers who were killed in the 1812 war against Napoleon The altar, made in the form of a chapel, was also decorated by Russian masters.


1. Fill the gaps.

1 A : Are you working on Monday?

B : No, Im holiday.

2 A : Are you going .. holiday this year?

B : Yes, Im going camping.

3 A : Did you have a good in Greece?

B : Yes, it was wonderful.

4 A : Are you flying to Italy?

B : No Im going . train.


2. These people are talking about their holidays. What type of holiday did they have?

1 Everything was included, meals, hotels, flights,

2 We were on the same coach for seven days. I was very tired.

3 We walked about 20 kilometres every day.

4 It wasnt very good. There wasnt much snow.


3. Fill the gaps in these sentences.

1 Dont forget to send me a postcard.

2 The .. is good; the discos are open all night.

3 I didnt try the . food. I had hamburgers everyday!

4 Is there a Office here? I want some information.

5 Id like to go Estonia for my holiday but I cant speak the .. .

4. Practice your grammar. Make the statements negative.

a. My mother works in a travel agency.

b. Its raining.

c. I went out last night.

d. Im learning Russian.

e. Weve got a return ticket to Glasgo.

f. I had a shower this morning.

g. English is spoken in every country in the world.

5. Change into Passive.

Someone will meet toy at the station.

One uses milk for making butter and cheese.

Someone has spilt some wine on the tablecloth.

They sell apples by the kilo.

Somebody has fried the meat very well.

We ate all the cakes yesterday.

People formerly used the Tower of London as prison.

People will enjoy this film all over the world.

Somebody has already boiled the kettle.


6. Act the dialogue out.

The Travel Agency

- Are you a travel agency?

- No, this is a fish and chips shop.

- Oh, sorry, terribly sorry.

- No, no, wait. Just a little joke. This is in fact a travel agency. Can I help you?

- Yes, wed like some information about holidays.

- We want to have an interesting holiday.

- Oh, an interesting holiday. Have you ever been to Brighton?

- Brighton?

- Yes.

- No, we havent.

- And we dont want to, either.

- Why not?

- Well, Brighton isnt very exciting, is it? We want to go somewhere exciting.

- Oh, I see. Well, let me see now. Yes. (to be continued)

- How about the SaharaDesert?

- The SaharaDesert?

- Have you ever been to the SaharaDesert?

- No, we havent.

- We can offer you 45 days in the middle of the SaharaDesert.

- In the middle of the SaharaDesert? Is there anything to do?

- Oh, yes, there are lots of things to do. Have you ever been in a sandstorm?

- A sandstorm?

- No, we havent.

- Oh, thats very exciting. There are sandstorms every day. And twice on Sundays. And there are lots of poisonous snakes.

- Poisonous snakes?

- Have you ever bitten by a poisonous snake?

- No, we havent.

- Its very exciting! (to be continued)

7. Are you fond of travelling? Look through the text and give your ideas.

People all over the world spend their holidays travelling. Some travel to see different ways of life, to meet different people, to try different food and to listen to different musical rythms. Some travel to enjoy picturesque places. Some just for a change of scene.

Young people in Russia have different kinds of holidays having walking tours, camping, enjoying themselves in rest homes or guest houses. Tourism is very popular with the youth. What can be better than viewing spectacular landscapes during a hiking trip or rafting! Travel agencies offer various tours abroad on chartered buses, trains, airliners or sea cruisers.

In Britain, Youth Hostels Association of England & Wales provides hostels to enable all young people to explore the country side at a low cost. When hostelling, they usually travel on foot, on horse-back, by pedal cycling or canoe.

In a Hotel

At reception

Do you have a single room (for one person) a double room (for two people)? How much is a single room with a bathroom?

I have a reservation. (I booked a room) My name is

The receptionist may say: Your room is on the first floor. The lift is over there.

Here is your key.

Would you like some help with your luggage?

Can you fill in this form, please?

Signhere, please. (write your name)

Please, check your bill. (make sure it is correct)

When you leave you say: Can I check out, please?

Can I have the bill, please?


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