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Guide to Healthy Meals

We asked some people what sort of meals and snacks they eat regularly, and asked a nutritionist to give a verdict on each meal and suggest ways of making changes to improve them.


Bowl of unsugared muesli, cup of coffee. Both with semi-skimmed milk. Very good choice.

Bowl of cornflakes with sugar and ordinary milk. You could improve this by using a low fat milk and less sugar. And you could increase the fibre content by choosing a wholewheat cereal rather than cornflakes.

Toast and marmalade. Cup of tea with sugar. Using wholemeal bread for the toast would provide much more fibre. Try cutting down the sugar in your tea.

Main meals

Spaghetti bolognese. Mincemeat cooked with onions, herbs spices, salt, pepper and a tin of tomatoes. Ordinary spaghetti. This can be a good meal as long as the mince you start off with isn’t too fatty. If would be better if you had more spaghetti and less meat sauce. Wholewheat spaghetti would improve the fibre content of the meal.


Baked potato with cheese filling. Good choice. Try to go for the lower fat filings like cottage cheese or chilli con came, without butter.

Burger in a bun, chips. Too fatty. Baked potatoes would be better than chips and a side salad would be a good idea. Ask for a wholemeal bun.

Fish and chips, with vinegar. Fish and chips tends to be very fatty but this varies a lot. Ok as an occasional take away.

Think of a healthy menu for a breakfast, a main meal and a takeaway.

Read and try the following recipes. We hope you'll like them.

Crab Salad Ingredients: 400 g. of tinned corn 250 g. of crab meat 450 g. of cabbage 3 eggs 1 onion 300 g. of mayonnaise Preparation: Cut crab meat, cabbage, eggs and onion. Add tinned corn and mayonnaise and mix.   Apple-Pie “Sharlotka” a glass of sugar a glass of flour 4 apples 1 tea-spoon of soda 2 spoons of sour cream 2 eggs Mix the ingredients and add some soda. Cut apples. Put apples on the frying-pan. Butter the frying-pan, take the dough and pour it over the apples. Bake in the oven for 30-40 min. at 180.


1. Write a recipe (begin with ingredients) Then give instructions to another students. (Begin “You take …”). Here are some words you can use: saucepan, frying-pan, casserole, oven, fry, boil, melt.

Mushroom Salad


½ lb white mushrooms, very fresh, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, pepper, salt, a few chives or a little parsley, 4 tablespoons olive oil.



Bowl, fork, clean cloth, knife.



10 mins to prepare, 1 ½ hrs to stand.


Ø Wash mushrooms and pat dry. (Do not peel.) Cut off most of stalk. Slice the rest thinly and put in salad bowl.

Ø Mix oil with lemon juice, salt and pepper, and beat well.

Ø Pour about 2/3 of this dressing over mushrooms, stir gently and put aside for an hour.

Ø Add rest of dressing and put aside again until most of dressing is absorbed, about ½ hour.

Ø Meanwhile, chives or parsley. Sprinkle this over salad, and serve.


2. What is your favourite dish? Can you write a recipe?

Words of wisdom

Appetite comes with eating.

Every vegetable has its season.

A good housewife is one who makes a good shchi, not one who makes a good conversation.

Man shall not live by bread alone.

A home is made by pies, not by walls.


Used To Do/Be

Charles Gripp was a bank robber once. The police caught him in 1968 and he is in prison now. Before 1968 Charles drove a large car, robbed banks, had a lot of money and had arguments with his wife all the time. He did a lot of things then but he does not do any of those things now and he never sees his wife. ÍE USED TO BE A BANK ROBBER. HE USED TO ROB BANKS, DRIVE A BIG CAR, AND HAVE ARGUMENTS WITH HIS WIFE ALL THE TIME, BUT HE DOESN’T DO ANY OF THOSE THINGS NOW.

Is Charles still a bank robber?

Where is he now?

Has he still got a lot of money?

What are some of the other things he does not do now?

1. Now make three or four sentences with “Used to”.


Sam Smith was a very funny comedian once. People used to laugh at his jokes. He made a lot of money and had a good life. All this is over now.

Notice how the verb between He and Any More changes here.


Is Sam still a funny comedian?

Ask more questions with “still” with these words: at his jokes/a lot of money.

Now make at least four sentences with “used to” about Sam.

2. Make your own sentences. Pay attention to the problem of “but it DOESN’T /ISN’T HASN’T anymore”.



3. the English/the radio a lot

4. This pop-group/popular

5. children/in factories

6. Charles/at night

7. Britain/an empire

8. Charles/good clothes

9. Sam’s jokes/funny

10. Sam/a Rolls Royce

Whyare the French So Lucky?


Answer the questions. Then read the text below to check your answers.

Which country in Europe has one of the lowest rates of heart disease?

Why is a daily aspirin good for you?

Which meat has more fat, beef or chicken?

That was the question medical researchers wanted to answer. The French eat much more cheese than other Europeans but they have the lowest rate of heart disease. Cheese is bad for the heart because, like butter and cream, it has a lot of fat. The results of research are surprising, and good news for wine lovers everywhere. The French are also the biggest wine drinkers in Europe and drinking wine with food reduces the risk of heart attack. And if you’re not a wine lover? No problem, a daily aspirin has the same result.

The ancient Greeks were also lucky, it seems. Their diet of olive oil, garlic, fish, vegetables, and bread was very healthy. They ate very little meat, fat, or sugar. The experts today tell us to eat less meat and more vegetables, fruit, fish, pasts, bread, and potatoes. Chicken is healthier than beef because it has less fat. Garlic, the basis of French aioli, Spanish gambas al ajillo, Italian bruschetta and Greek tzatziki, also has a good effect on the heart, as well as other benefits, which is perhaps why the ancient Greeks ate so much of it! So, if you love your heart; add a little more garlic and wine to your diet!

Compare BrE AmE

bill barman banger aubergine beetroots bookings gents jacket potato minerals porridge pudding (What’s for pudding?) check bartender sausage eggplant beets reservations men’s room baked potato soft drinks oatmeal dessert

Describing Food

Tasty: has lots of taste (tasteless: a negative word).

Bland: without a strong taste; neutral in flavor, e.g. boiled rice.

Sweet: lots of sugar (bitter).

Salty: lots of salt.

Hot/spicy: lots of spice, e.g. curry.

Fresh: recently produced, e.g. fresh bread; recently picked, e.g. fresh fruit.

Tender: easy to cut (tough).

Fatty: meat a lot of fat (lean).

Fattening: food which makes you put on weight / get fat, e.g. cream, biscuits, etc.

It’s Interesting to Know…

Can you guess what these mean? If not, see the prompts below.

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