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Raw fish fried rice fried eggs grilled sausages baked potatoes roast beef raw spinach roast pepper fried bread boiled eggs grilled cheese baked bananas


3. Use the prompts to act out a similar dialogue.

Tony: I want a burger and chips. How about you, Mark?

Mark: I don't fancy a burger.

Tony: Why don't you have a chicken sandwich, then?

Mark: Yes, that's a good idea.

Waitress: Hello. Can I take your order?

Tony: Yes I'd like a chicken sandwich, a burger and some chips, please.

Waitress: Would you like anything to drink?

Tony: Yes, please. Id like a Coke. Do you want a Coke, too, Mark?

Mark: Yes, Id love one.

Waitress: What size Coke would you like?

Tony: Medium, please.

Waitress:Here you are. That's 5.75, please.

4. What about restaurants in your country, and your own taste in food? Answer these questions about yourself and your country.

1. Do you normally need to book a restaurant in advance?

2. Is it common to give the waiter a tip? If so, how much?

3. Do you normally eat three courses in a restaurant? If not, how many courses do you normally have?

4. Generally, do you add more salt to your food when you eat in restaurants?

5. Would you say that food in your country is very spicy?

6. Would you say that food in your country is generally quite fattening?

5. Practice asking for something politely in the restaurant. Dont forget to say: Would you please (pass)?

(pass) the menu? _______________________________________

(bring) another glass of water? ___________________________________

(pour) me more coffee? ________________________________

(close) the window? ______________________________________

(fetch) me the bill?

6. Act these dialogues out.

A: Im thirsty. B: Would you like some tea? A: No, thanks. B: Would you like some carrot juice? A: Oh, yes, please! A: Im hungry. Is there anything to eat? B: Would you like a biscuit? A: No, thanks. Id like a sandwich. B: Cheese? Ham? A: Cheese and ham, please!

Look at this dialogue. Put it in the correct order and act it out.

Do you want anything to drink?

Yes, please?

Could I have chicken and chips, please?

One tomato salad. Is that it?

Thank you.

No, thanks. Oh, er, yes. Ill have a tomato salad.


Chicken and chips and a glass of milk. Anything else?

Ill have a glass of milk, please.

7. Match the names of the dishes 1-6 with their descriptions a-f.

roast grilled boiled baked fried steamed


1 pizza a. small pieces of meat and vegetables on a sharp stick,

2 omelette b. vegetables cooked over a pan of boiling water

3 spaghetti c. a flat, round piece of doughbakedin the oven with

tomatoes, cheese, olives, fish, etc., on it

4 kebab d. eggs, often with cheese, vegetables, or meat, mixed together

and .

5 beef e. long strings of pasta, in water, and served with a

variety of sauces

6 vegetables f. beef cooked in its own juices in the oven

Read Guide to Healthy Meals and decide whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F).

A wholewheat cereal is better than ordinary cornflakes.

Fish and chips have a lot of calories.

Hamburger in a bun is a good low calorie meal.

Its always a good thing to increase the fibre content in your food.

Baked potatoes are healthier than chips.

Its good idea to take sugar with your tea or coffee.


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