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Quake Hits Santa Maria

An earthquake struck the town of Santa Mariain Peru early yesterday morning. The quake measured 7.5 on the Richter scale and is one of theworst earthquakes in over fifty years. Theauthorities reported fifty people missing.The quake struck at 5 am local time, and lasted for about half aminute. Most buildings collapsed, ten people died and hundredsare still buried under debris. Other countries are now sendingemergency medical supplies to the town. Volunteers are buildingshelters and Red Cross doctors are treating the injured.

Ambulances took others to a hospital in a nearby city. The government promised to give money to the town to help pay forthe rebuilding of the houses.

Local people are still trying to get over the shock. "It washorrible," one resident said. "I'll never forget it."

What information is given in the first paragraph?

In which paragraph is the main event described in detail?

In which paragraph are the consequences of the event described?


Order of Adjectives

· Adjectives describe nouns. They have the same form in the singular and plural. (a blue dress – two blue dresses)

· There are two types of adjectives. Opinion adjectives (beautiful, great, expensive etc) show what we think of someone or something. Fact adjectives (short, long, red etc) show what someone or something really is. Opinion adjectives go before fact adjectives. She is wearing a beautiful red dress.

· When there is more than one fact adjective in a sentence, it usually goes in the following order.

Fact adjectives

Size: small, big, short, long etc

Weight:heavy, light etc

Shape: triangular, round, rectangular, square etc

Colour: dark / light blue, yellow, pink, cream, red purple etc

Material: cotton, leather, silk, plastic, woolen, nylon, metal, gold, silver, velvet, wooden, canvas etc.

It’s a beautiful, long, light blue, silk skirt.

1. Number the adjectives in the correct order.

2 3 1

1 a brown \wooden \beautiful box with a brass lock

2 acotton \large \grey shirt with a white collar

3 aheavy \metal \black saucepan with brown handles

4asilk \blue \nice scarf with yellow stars on it

NBIn the cities the poor are as badly well off as in villages.Never speak ill of the dead.

Some adjectives, such as rich, poor, young, old, blind, deaf, sick, dead, unemployed, disabledhavethebefore them and denote a general group of people.

The sick= sick people;the unemployed = people without jobs

2. Match the shapes to the words.

Triangular ………, round ………, rectangular ………, square ……….


Now look and compare the two famous literary characters. Do you agree?

Rabbit is taller than Vinnie the Pooh.

Rabbit is thinner than Vinnie the Pooh.

Vinnie the Pooh is much fatter than Rabbit.

Vinnie the Pooh is more practical than Rabbit.

Rabbit is one of the intelligent characters.

Vinnie the Pooh is one of the laziest literary characters.

Vinnie the Pooh is as popular as Rabbit.

Study the table.

Degrees of Comparison of Adjectives /Adverbs

ADJECTIVE old young tall fat thin happy late good (well) bad (badly) far little many / much interesting difficult COMPARATIVE older younger taller fatter thinner happier later better worse farther less more more interesting more difficult SUPERLATIVE oldest youngest tallest fattest thinnest happiest latest best worst farthest /furthest least most most interesting most difficult


NB This is the cheapest hotel in town.

The best way of travelling is by car.

The most important issue today is to earn money.

We always use thewith superlatives.

Study the examples.

Today is as hot as it was yesterday.

Harrison is as bright as his partner.

This story is as exciting as that one.


1. Complete these questions about the students in your group. Use superlatives.

1. Who is ___the youngest?___ (young)

2. Who’s __________________ (old)

3. Who’s __________________ (tall)

4. Who’s __________________ (short)

5. Who’s __________________ (funny)

6. Who’s __________________ (serious)

7. Who’s __________________ (nice)

8. Who’s __________________ (good-looking)

9. Who’s __________________ (intelligent)

Idioms of Comparison

2. There are many short comparisons used in English. Complete each of them with a suitable word or words:

the grave a hatter a bee a picture nails

daisy a fox gold fiddle a church mouse

1. As mad as ……

2. As cunning as ……

3. As hard as ……

4. As busy as ……

5. As poor as ……

6. As fit as ……

7. As pretty as…

8. As fresh as ……

9. As silent as ……

10. As good as ……


3.Look at the list of adjectives. Give their comparatives and superlatives.

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