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Please fill out this application completely by typing or using black ink.

Application For:

10 month program 5 month program

Entry Date:

August January

Student Name


Last First Middle

Permanent address:

Street address


City Country

Telephone: ___________________________________________

Country Code City Code Home Number

Birthplace: _________________________________ Date of Birth ___/ ___/ ___/

City Country

Citizenship:___________ Nationality ___________Age _____ Gender ___F ___M

Height: ______ Weight: ______ Hair Color:________ Eye Color: _______

Country issuing passport _________ Passport number _________ Expires ____ Make a check-macro if the answer applies:


Mother Living Deceased Father Living Deceased Parents Separated Divorced I live with: Mother Grandmother Father Grandfather

Other please explain _________________________________________


About your Father ____________________________________________________

Last Name First Name Occupation


Address Postal Zone City Country _______________________________________Speaks English: Yes No

Home Telephone Business Telephone

About your Mother ___________________________________________________

Last Name First Name Occupation


Address Postal Zone City Country _______________________________________ Speaks English: Yes No

Home Telephone Business Telephone

Please list any other members of your household

Name Age Gender Relationship

Your Interests

Please tell us about yourself:

What is your religious affiliation?_________________________________________

When do you participate? Weekly Monthly Holidays Never

If your Host Family's religion is different than your own, would you be willing to participate? Yes No

Do you ever smoke? Yes No

Can you adjust to a home where others smoke? Yes No

Do you like animals? Yes No

List any pets you have at home._______________________________________

List musical instruments you play ________________________________________

List Foreign Languages you speak or have studied

Language Years of Study Proficiency

English ________ ___________________

__________ _________ ___________________

What grade in school are you currently attending? _______________

Next year? ________________


Study the table.

The Past Continuous Tense
at 5 oclock yesterday - at the at moment - at noon - from to - all morning - when I entered the room - when the phone rang - when I came - ..
was/were + V-ing
I He was writing She at 5 oclock. It


You were writing

They at 5 oclock.

I Was he writing she at 5 oclock?oclock? it


Were you writing

they at 5 clock? oclock?

I He wasnt writing She at 5 oclock. It We You werent writing They at 5 oclock.

Look at the examples.

At 9 o'clock last night we were watchingTV.

She was cooking dinner when the doorbell rang.

David was reading the magazine whileCarla was speaking on the phone.

The snow was falling heavily as Ksenia was walking in the park.


1. Open the brackets.

1. I saw Tom and Dick yesterday. They (play) chess.

2. I saw Mr. Blacks yesterday. He (fix) his car.

3. We saw you yesterday, Mary, you (flirt) with John.

4. The professor (do) the experiment when we arrived.

5. The postman came when we (have breakfast).

2. A policeman is asking a witness about an accident he saw. Put the verbs in brackets into the past simple or the past continuous, as in the example.

P: Where 1) ...were... (be) you when you 2) (see) the accident, Sir?
W: I 3) (stand) on the corner of Jameson Street.

P: What exactly 4) (happen)?

W: Well, a boy 5) (ride)his bicycle along the road towards the traffic lights when suddenly a car 6) (drive) quickly around the corner. The driver 7) (lose) control and 8) (hit) the boy.

P: 9) (boy / cycle)fast?

W: No, not at all.
P: 10) (anyone else / see) the accident?

W: No, I don't think so.

P: Thank you very much for your help, Sir.

3.Put the sentences into Past Simple or Past Continuous.

The sun 1) (to go) down behind the hills when I 2) (to reach) a village which 3) (to be) only a few miles from the sea. The working day 4) (to be) over, and the villagers 5) (to come) home from the fields. Along the road two boys 6) (to drive) cows and sheep in the direction of the village. I 7) (to approach) a group of people standing near the road and 8 ) (to ask) them if I could find a place in the village to spend the night. An old man 9) (to say) he would help me. He 10) (to take) me to his small cottage at the far end of the street. A fire 11) (to burn) in the stove when we 12) (to enter) the house. One girl of about eighteen 13) (to prepare) supper in the kitchen while two other girls still 14) (to do) something in the kitchen garden near the house. The old man 15) (to invite) me to have supper with them. They all 16) (to seem) to be nice people and we 17) (to have) a friendly talk. After supper my 'new friends and I 18) (to go) out into the garden. The moon 19) (to shine) high in the sky, and the night 20) (to be) warm and beautiful. That evening 21) (to be) very pleasant, and I shall remember it a long time.

4. What article do you need?

Judy is nurse. She cares for sick at hospital. rich should pay more taxes. What is longest river in world? He must go to bank to get some money. Would you like apple? Anton is brightest student in our group. Lets call out fire brigade!


Read and answer the questions.

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