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Sometimes you should change your life completely to be happy

(Key words: travel, trip, change, set up, amazing, adventure, experience, charity)

Most people are not happy with their life. Yet they continually venture down the same road of unhappiness. Never willing to change. do you like what you see? Are your relationships, career choices, financial situation and other aspects of your life truly satisfying? Or do you feel there should be more?

Ask yourself this question on a daily basis: Is what I am doing (or not doing) helping me get where I want to be? This applies to what you eat, whether or not you exercise, and what you spend the bulk of your day doing. If the answer is no, then make the necessary change.

What are your passions, interests, and goals? While these questions may take years to answer, you can start by asking yourself what kind of legacy you want to leave behind. This question applies not only to your career, but to your relationships as well. How would you like to be described and remembered by other people?

Improve your relationships. No matter how much money you make or how great your accomplishments are, you will not be able to enjoy your success if you don't have loved ones to share it with. If have been neglecting or arguing with a loved one, them devote some time to reconciling the relationship. You must be willing to make compromises and even admit that you were wrong.

Make new, amazing meaningful relationships with others. If you are feeling lonely, then you will have to stop waiting around for others to approach you. Take matters into your own hands, and get proactive and have experience. Put yourself in social situations, strike up conversations, and remember to always have a smile on your face.

6. What is dangerous when you are driving a car?

(Key words: driving simulator, text message, make up, adjust satnav , hands free, accident, steering wheel, illigal).


When you are driving you should concentrate 100% on controlling the car and anything use you do is dangerous and can cause an accident. It is common situation when in rush hours there are great traffic jams on the roads.

Sometimes, driving a car is dangerous. Any other activities that can distract driver from controlling the car: talking to other passengers, listening to music, doing make up are potential reasons of car accidents. But, to master the skills of driving a car is possible, if you using a driving simulator game.

Hands must not free, when you are driving. Safety, above all! Here is a list of good driving habits.

1. It is dangerous to drive too close to the car in front of you. If it stops suddenly, you may not be able to brake in time and then you will crash into it.

2. Overtake the car in front of you with great care. When you are absolutely sure that the road ahead is clear change lanes, accelerate and overtake quickly.

3. If the weather is bad, you should drive under the speed limit. Never drive over the speed limit.

4. Children get run over because they run out into the street without looking. When you see children not far from the road, playing, you should slow down and drive very carefully.

5. If you have to park on a hill, put the hand-brake on. Also put the car in gear (not neutral) and turn the front wheels towards the side of the road.

7. What's the best way to get across London?

( Key words: public transport, set off, fast, get stuck, traffic, speed limit, rush hour, reach)

London a city a great history, dating back from the time of the conquest of the Roman Empire and one of the most popular cities in the world. He is considered a historical, cultural, financial, tourist and sports center of Europe. How to know a year in London, there are hundreds, thousands of tourists. So what transportation will be convenient for sightseeing? Set off to public transport? I think it is not good idea. Because, sometimes buses go quickly and don't have time to watch. And if you get into the rush hour, it's generally a waste of time. London is a city works. There is all the people somewhere in a hurry, if you manage to stay there, you'll see the different transports, different machines, different traffic. I think, the best option to walk. Because the only way to see the beauty of London and get around the entire city without thinking about traffic jams and various problems of road traffic.


8. Men talk just as much as women – can it really be true?

( Key words: stereotype, skeptical, slightly, range from, claim, be keen on, reduce, tend to)

From time to time the stereotypes imposed on the people and they start to believe everything.

According the dictionary, stereotype is a fixed idea about a particular type of person or thing, which is often not true in reality. For example, the stereotype that women talk more than men may not be true. Because research by psychologists has shown that women speak about 16.000 words a day and men speak only slightly fewer. In fact, the four most talkative people in the study were all men.

Professor, who was in charge of the research, said that he and his colleagues had expected to find that women were more talkative. But it didn’t happened. They had been very skeptical of the common belief that women use three times as many words as men, because book called The Female Brain claimed that woman uses about 20.000 words a day, a man uses about 7.000.

I think that I could show you my opinion by these information. In the world there is such a tendency that women talk more than men. But I think it does not matter if they both say nothing and wasted. It’s says that be a good male, it’s better not to talk – that silence is golden.

9. How to succeed in learning a foreign language?

( Key words: be able to, fluently, skills, language barrier, “teach yourself” books, get frustrated, be interested in)

Learning a foreign language has many advantages that help in different aspects of life economically, culturally and socially. However, it's not easy to learn a language correctly and successfully without listening to songs, watching movies, reading newspapers, and writing essays. Here, we are going to see how studying a foreign language at school is not enough to master it.
To be fluent in a language means to master listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. The school can not generally offer good conditions to master these skills for many reasons among which there are time constraints and lack of equipments. Good listening skills are acquired by listening to native speakers on radios, TVs, songs and movies. This helps not only in the acquisition of good pronunciation but it also teaches the way native speakers express themselves by using different intonation which affects the meaning of speeches. Gestures and facial expressions are also important factors in communication and it is crucial for the learners of a foreign language to watch movies and see how native speakers interact in their daily dialogues, using different gestures and facial expressions to express different ideas and moods. By doing this, the learner enriches his knowledge about the language and masters it more than those who totally depend on their teachers at school. Communication is very important in our daily activities. We learn a foreign language to communicate and understand others. Speaking correctly and fluently is necessary to evaluate our competence in a foreign language. Hence, to master a language we have to practice speaking and give it much importance.

10. Which manners are considered to be bad?

(Key words: to dial, to shout, to call back, line is busy, quiet zone, to text a message, silent mode, ringtone)

Have you ever felt yourself uncomfortable or embarrassing after an unexpected call or something like this?

I think everyone has had this kind of awkward situation. The most of them were because of our mobile phones. When we forget to turn on the silent mode, we should ask the person who calls to call back later or write a text message with explanation of the situation. Don’t turn down the call, cause it can be very important. Don’t forget about quite zones and turn on quite ringtone. Dealing a number in the conversations also seems rude for other people. Avoid shouting or talking loudly by phone in public places. Don’t be angry, if the line is busy , just call your friend later. Write a text message when you're sitting at a conference or an important meeting. Culture of communication is very important in our time. Because now everything is connected with communication and including the mobile industry. But that does not stop us, the people always respect the universal principles of good manners.

11. Do know modern manners of different countries?

(Key words:culture, difference, polite words, handshake, criticize, arrive on time, smile, formal language)

Good manners - the basis of the behavior of educated person in society. Ways of dealing with other people employed in the expression of speech, tone, cadence, body language all it is called manners. Politeness and smiling at the muting, carefully communicate with others - it is on these qualities and good manners are based.

Let’s talk about modern manners:

• Many Asians, particularly the Japanese, have learned to accept the handshake when dealing with Westerners. Since the bow is the customary greeting in Japan, a slight bow of the head when responding to a proffered handshake greeting is appropriate.

• It’s very interesting that in some Latin cultures the smile may be used to say “Excuse me” or “Please”

We can’t criticize all modern manners, cause some of them are good. When we hear about Germans, to the first we recognize there etiquette, they always arrive in time, use more polite words in communicating. In our country have manner such as don't arrive on time. Because Kazakh people have the mentality to be late even for a few minutes in invitation place. It’s considered a special distinctive Kazakhs from other nations.

12. Do you know famous cheating moments in sport?

(Key words:team, warm up, pitch, win, lose, score a goal, spectators, referee)

Sport - is not only a physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle. By this word is hiding a business far more important aspects of human activity.

When sports games have a very large scale, as the Olympic Games, that many countries will be involved in the judging. All countries want to have the glory and therefore not looking at team games, scored goals, wins and wins, trying to bribe the referees. So it was in 2008, when our Kazakhstan boxer Serik Sapiev performed in Beijing for the Summer Olympics. When he won the judge clearly does not count his points for the fight. So he not fair to lose.

And in Foofball (Divine Intervention?)
Argentina were playing England in the quarter-finals of the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. In the 52nd minute the Argentinian captain, Diego Maradona, scored a goal. The English players protested but the referee gave the goal. However, TV cameras showed that Maradona had scored the goal with his hand! Maradona said the next day, 'It was partly the hand of Maradona, and partly the hand of God.'
Later in the game Maradona scored another goal and Argentina won 2-1. They went on to win the World Cup.

13. Do you know any couples who met in unusual circumstances?

(Key words:meet, fancy, get to know, fall in love, go out together, break up, lose touch, get in touch, propose)

Most interesting stories of couples is the main topic of this article. We do not know when we will come across a person who will share our life and change it completely. If we interview married people, everybody has a different story. Many people whom we never think so important, all of sudden become the part and parcel of our life. I want to tell you about interesting stories of couples who met under unusual circumstance.

Stephen and Mary is an amazing couple. They have been living together for over 30 years. Both have to rely on intuition and touch in their relationship because both are experiencing varying degrees of deaf blindness. They are extremely closed to each other and can read each other absolutely. Mary was deaf by birth and she started losing her eye many years ago while Stephen is completely deaf and has minimal vision. He has to get nose pressing close to a TV to watch it. They met when Stephen was eight and Mary was nine. Stephen used to sit behind Mary at a school for the deaf in Montreal, Canada. Soon after they parted ways when Mary left for Newfoundland and Stephen moved to Ontario. They remained disconnected for two decades. In 1970s Stephen moved to Newfoundland where he found Mary while shopping. Then they got married. They have lost some of their senses but this thing has heightened their senses of touch.


14. Talk about a film which made you cry, laugh a lot or you’ve seen several times.

(Key words:location, be based on, inspired, subtitle, soundtrack, was shot, be directed by, plot)

The film Flowers for Algernon is based on the book by Daniel Keyes. The film was directed by Jeff Bleckner and it’s set in Canada in the 2000’s. It was filmed on location in Canada and in USA.

As a result of surgery retarded janitor Charlie Gordon gets the opportunity to develop their intelligence and boost IQ from 68 to 185. Charlie began to write before the operation and showing how it gradually developed, became more intelligent, clever, but less happy. He understands that those whom he considered friends, actually laughed and mocked him. A lot of knowledge – a lot of grief! That’s for sure. Before the operation, Charlie dreamed that would be closer to the people and make friends with the world, but this doesn’t occur, with the growth of IQ hero becomes farther from the world and the people, all the more lonely.

This is the best movie ever! It was amazing. The directing, the scenes, the script, the story line, the music, everything!

It touched me so incredibly deeply, that ever though this movie took place in a different time period, I felt like I was there. It really opens up your eyes, your and your mind. It makes you look at the world in a new perspective. I cried from beginning till end. So, I strongly recommend this film, Flowers for Algernon…


15. Both boys and girls should learn to cook at school

(Key words:ready-made food, takeaway food, carbohydrates, proteins, prawns, eat out, fried, cut down)

Teach children all need at an early age the best that can be. But some things are worth learning at home and only in the family, and not in school with teachers. For example, cook a meal. Everyone knows that without food, various vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, and so on the body will weaken. Therefore, people try to take good care of this problem. But to solve the problem through the introduction of compulsory teaching of boys and girls in school preparation is not effective. Because sometimes when people just do not like to cook, and he likes the ready-made foods . Another negative - danger. At school a lot of children, and if boys and girls will learn to cook, fry, they can burn the hand.

The only plus to teach and prepare girls and boys, that everyone can prepare their own meals alone. For now, many do not want to waste time and often buy in the store or go eat out . In my opinion it would be better if all this will be taught at home, whether boy or girl, the main thing that they can be independent when they grow up.


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