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Education. Final vocabulary list.

Educational institutions and divisions.

Department/ Ministry of Education and Science, local education authorities, nursery school (AmE), nursery (BrE), kindergarten (AmE) / daycare center, elementary / grade school (AmE), primary school (BrE), infant school / the infants (BrE), junior school / the juniors (BrE), secondary school, junior high school (AmE), senior high school / high school (AmE) , sixth-form college (BrE), grammar school (BrE), secondary modern school (BrE), comprehensive school (BrE), public school (AmE)= state school (BrE), public school (BrE), independent (private) school, boarding school, technical / vocational / professional school, college of higher education, polytechnic, institution (dfr institute), institution of higher education (higher education institution), graduate school (AmE), post-graduate school (BrE), a (post) graduate course, to be in (AmE), to be at (BrE) school / college / university, academy, junior/community college, to attend / to go to school / university, to drop out of school, a drop-out, to leave school, to graduate from high school / university, tertiary/higher/further/adult/continuing education, LLL (life-long learning)


Someone who studies.

pupil (formal in AmE) / schoolchildren (BrE): schoolboy, schoolgirl, school leaver / graduate (AmE), student (high school / college / university student), applicant/ candidate, undergraduate, first-year student/ fresher/ freshman (AmE) , second-year student/ sophomore (AmE), junior student, senior student, full-time student, part-time student , overseas/ international student, a college / university graduate, postgraduate, fraternity (AmE) , sorority (AmE), auditory learners, visual learners, and kinesthetic learners


Someone who teaches and who is involved in the course of study.

school teacher, principal (AmE) / headteacher - head master / headmistress (BrE), a vice-principal (AmE) / deputy headteacher / senior master / senior mistress (BrE), subject teacher, rector, vice-rector, assistant teacher / instructor, a senior teacher / instructor, tutor, lecturer, reader, professor, associate professor (AmE), research fellow, teaching assistant (TA), faculty (AmE) / teaching / academic staff (BrE), academic board, an academic advisor,

Forms of teaching and instruction time.

lecture, class, seminar tutorial, laboratory (lab) work, field work, distance learning, e-learning (on line education), MOOC, self-study/ independent work, a tutorial, school year / academic year, university session, , a credit, a credit-based system, to complete a number of credits, to accumulate credits, full-time/ part-time students, academic, academic work, academic year, an academic advisor, a term, a semester, a trimester, a break,


Tests and examinations

A diagnostic test, an essay test/exam; a multiple choice exam/ test, an open-book exam/ test; a take-home test/exam; a problem or case-based exam/test; an oral/ written exam/test, academic dishonesty, plagiarism, SAT, CAT, TOEFL, IELTS, FCE, GMAT, the Russian State/ National Exams, graduate exam / final examination (finals), to set examinations, to conduct / hold an examination, to take / sit for an examination, to pass / do well in an examination, to scrape through an exam, to fail an exam / do badly in an examination, to study (AmE) / revise (BrE) for an exam, to read up for an exam, to cheat in the examination (copy, crib), to examine, to be examined in, examiner, an examinee, examining board



Application and admission.

an applicant/ a candidate, to apply to a college/university for admission, to fill in an application form, to submit an application, an application letter/ a letter of application, a motivation letter, a personal statement, to admit, to be admitted to a university, to be accepted by a university, admission (of students), an admissions office, an admissions tutor, conditions of admission, to enroll a student into a university, enrollment, a reference, to be highly selective, have selective admission policies

Studies. Disciplines

curriculum (pl. la), syllabus (pl. i), a core component/ subject, compulsory/ obligatory, optional/ elective, a course (a course of study), course of instruction , content of courses of study (course content), to build content, main subject, a major, dual/double major,to major (in a subject), minor, (the) Humanities, (the) Science(s), social science(s)

Qualifications, degrees.

A degree, to award a degree to smb, to be awarded a degree, to earn a degree, Bachelors degree, B. A. Bachelor of Arts, B. Ed. Bachelor of Education, B. S. Bachelor of Science, Masters degree, M. A. Master of Arts, M. Ed. Master of Education, M. S. Master of Science, Doctors degree, Ph. D. Doctor of Philosophy , Ed. D. Doctor of Education, Candidate / Doctor of philosophy, psychology, education, economics, law, medicine, to sit for a degree


Useful words and expressions:

apply for a course, to register for a course to attend classes, to audit a class, to cram for a test, to drop a class, to drop/ flunk out of school, a drop-out, to enroll in a course, to graduate from , to skip classes, to play truant, truancy, absenteeism, absentee, to transfer to a college, to transfer credits, to assess academic achievements; to be assessed by the students/ peer assessment, to individualize/ personalize/ customize smth, to encourage surface learning, a possibility of plagiarism, to perform significantly better, students are tempted to cheat, to strengthen analytical and reasoning skills, judge all students by a common yardstick, to bury yourself in books, chaotic, to jeopardize, to be frustrated, individual responsibility and independence, truant, truancy, to play truant, (my) mind keeps wandering, to cram for, to use cribs/ cheat sheets, to redefine smth, workforce/ to enter workforce; to personalize learning: learning options/ opportunities; an internship; on a massive scale, digital revolution; to catalogue ones life; to follow ones lead; to blur the lines between time and space; to toss ideas; to coach through content; to build content; to test drive presentations; to take a field trip; to drive mobility, with a click of a button, multi-media experiences.


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