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Make a presentation about your groupmates. Choose one person and fill in the information about him/her.

Task 1

Fill in the table of definitions, putting the words they define into the left column:

Generous, hardworking, mature, naïve, kind, confident, silly, mean, naughty, unfriendly, funny, immature, introvert, pompous, extravert, nice, cunning, versatile, smart, lazy, insecure, ambitious, strong, noisy, stubborn, easy-going, arrogant, shy, honest, sensitive

Moody A person whose feelings change too quickly.
  This person in not very confident and worries a lot about how he/she behaves, looks like, what he/she does
  A person who gives more of something, especially money, than is usual or expected; a helpful person
  A person, who behaves in a very proud and unpleasant way towards other people, because they believe that they are more important than others
  An adult who behaves like a child
  A person feels very nervous and doesnít usually talk in a big company
  Gentle and caring; warm-hearted
  A person who always believes that people are honest and kind and that everything is easy in life
  A person who behaves badly and doesnít do what he/she is told
  A person who prefers to say only truth
  Friendly and pleasant
  A person who can deceive to have a benefit for him/herself
  This person likes to be loud, to talk loudly, to laugh loudly, to shout and make noises
  This person does only what he/she wants and doesnít like to change his mind
  A person who knows a lot about different subjects and has a plenty of skills; a well-rounded person
  This person prefers to spend time with people
  A person who feels comfortable only alone
  This person always has plans for the future and strives to make them happen
  A couch-potato, a homebody; a person whose hobby is to do nothing
  This person doesnít usually use his/her brain
  This person is not easily annoyed, worried or upset
  A person who feels sure about his/her actions, ideas and abilities
  This person thinks he/she is more important that he/she really is
  A workaholic; a person who works and studies hard
  A grown-up person
  Confident, determined, not easily worried by other people
  This person usually behaves in such a way that makes everyone laugh
  Stingy; not willing to spend money
  A person who understands other peopleís feelings; this person can easily be offended
  The person who doesnít want to be friends with anybody


Task 2

Divide the words from Task 1 into 3 columns:

Positive Neutral Negative
kind shy unfriendly

Task 3

Find synonyms to these words:

1.kind -

2.strong -

3.sensible -

4.extrovert -

5.arrogant -

Task 4

Fill in the gaps:

1)When it comes to spending money, Sally becomes so angry. She is very ___________________.

2)Brave people are usually very ___________________ about what they do and how they do it.

3)The law in Germany is so strict, because it helps Germans not to feel ___________________. This way they are sure, that nobody will be able to harm them.

4)I hate when you are so ________________. What a couch-potato!

5)It is so great, when a person can do so many things and know a lot about the world as my friend does. He is a very ______________________ person.

6)______________________ people cannot make decisions on their own; they do not want to think about their future and usually live with their parent even when they are 30 years old.

7)Donít be so ________________! Donít you see he is a liar? How can you believe his words?

8)This friend of yours is too _________________. He overestimates his qualities. He is arrogant in his every move, even his clothes are too glamorous.

9)Young people are usually more _____________________ than old. They have lots of plans for the future and try to do as much as possible to make their dreams come true.

10)Being a school teacher is very difficult. Some children can be ___________________ - they run, shout and donít listen to the teacher.

Task 5

Make a presentation about your groupmates. Choose one person and fill in the information about him/her.

Follow the example below:

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