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Complete the sentences.

1. A special service for school leavers is … 2. Careers officers give practical advice on … 3. If you are job-hunting you may use … 4. Employment agencies can be … 5. If you want to speak to the officer you must … 6. If you have made an appointment and can’t keep it … 7. If you do not cancel the appointment … 8. To make efficient use of time …


าๅ๊๑๒ 4

The future won't wait... will you?

In Futurework, author Lee Lancaster describes the world of work for the rest of the 21st century. Lancaster makes these predictions several years after investigation into jobs in Britain and around the world. Chapters include:

How many jobs? You won't have a permanent job for life in the future. People will change jobs many times during their lives. Part-time jobs will be more common than full-time jobs.

Work/life balance? With mobile phones, laptop computers, email and the internet it will be difficult to separate your job and your personal life. People will be more stressed.

Office in the living room? Working from home will be more popular in the future. That is good news and bad news. If your job is at home, where will you go for a day off?

A life of service? Britain's population is getting older, and the economy is changing. This means that more people will be employed in the service sector: shops, hospitals, centres for old people, hotels and restaurants.

Languages and jobs? How many languages do you speak? Yes, English will be a very important language in the future of work, but it won't be the only language. Many people in Britain only speak English at the moment. People who speak two or more languages will have better opportunities.

Other important skills for future jobs? Computers, the internet and communication skills. You need to know these important things if you want a good, well-paid job in the future.


Read the text. What is Futurework?.

1 A book about the future of work in Britain.

2 A webpage about the best jobs in the future in Britain.

3 A magazine article about work and life in Britain.


Decide if the sentences are true (T) or false (F).

1 Futurework is about the future of work around the world.

2 Lancaster wrote Futurework quickly.

3 Lancaster thinks that people will change jobs often.

4 Mobile phones will create more stress in the future.

5 Lancaster thinks that working at home is a good thing.

6 There are more old people in Britain now than in the past.

7 It will be important to know other languages to get a good job.


Look at the predictions about work. Do you think these are true for your country?

าๅ๊๑๒ 5

Here are the stories of three people who believe they have found their dream job.

Answer the questions.

1. Which of the jobs do you find most interesting?

2. Would you like to do any of them?

3. Who gets on well with the people they work with?

4. Who took up gymnastics?

5. Who hasn't come up with an experiment to do in space yet?

6. Whose job was handed down from father to son?

7. Who is cut off from his/her family?

8. Who finds it exciting to end up in different cities and countries?

9. Who often takes off at a moment's notice?

10. Who came across an ad?

11. Who wants to carry on working until they are at least 50?

12. Who gave up work as a lawyer?

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