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Exercise 6. Grammar corner.

Second Conditional: unreal possibility or dream.

IF condition result
  past simple WOULD + base verb
If I won the lottery I would buy a car.


If I married Jane I would be happy.
If Tom became rich she would marry him.
If it snowed next July would you be surprised?
If it snowed next July what would you do?


Exercise 7.Rewrite the exercises putting the right form of the verb.

1. If I ( to be ) a millioner I (to buy) a new car.

2. If she ( to have ) enough money she ( to invite) all her relatives.

3. If Jack ( to visit the Queen he (to say) about) his country.

4. We (celebrate)victory if we (to win).

5. If I ( to be) on a lonely island I(build) a little house.

6.If we (buy) a new cottage I (have) a lovely pool.

Lesson 5. Choosing a profession

Exercise 1.Read the proverbs and translate them. Tell your classmates if you agree or do not agree to them.

Its never too late to learn.

Two heads are better than one.

Exercise 2.Match professions with their definitions.

1. A baker a) This person cuts mans hair.

2. A barber b) This person is the head of the company

3. A miner c) A person who makes experiments

4. A researcher d) Someone who helps people with the law

5. A managing director e) Someone who repairs electrical things

6. A chef f) A person who shows places of interest

7. A carpenter g) A man that works in a mine

8. A guide h) A person who makes bread

9. A lawyer i) A person who makes wooden things

10. An electrician g) A cook in a restaurant or hotel especially the head cook

Exercise 3. Speaking. Repeat and complete I would like to be a

Exercise 4. Answer the questions.

1. Is there nowadays a great variety of jobs in the world?

2. Which of them are very popular and well-paid?

3. Is it important to choose your own road in the life?

4. Why must pupils study well?

5. Whose decision must be in choosing profession?

6. What must we take into consideration while choosing jobs?

Exercise 5. Rewrite the exercises putting the right form of the verb. Mind if the action is real or unreal.

1. If you (to study) well you ( to be successful ) in future.

2. If a guide (speak) more loudly I (to understand everything).

3. If the gardener (to be ) more polite, the mistress (get angry).

4. If the student (to work) he (to become) a well-paid worker.

5. If he (to need) some cash he (to go ) to bank.

6. If we ( to take ) a car we ( to come) in time.

7. She ( dance) very well of her father (t come ) on the performance.

8. Tom (leaves) home if he (finds) better job.



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