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OCP Role Description

Organization Committee President Application Form

CAREER FORUM 2011-2012 in Ukraine

LC Mariupol



AIESEC in Ukraine LC Mariupol – CAREER FORUM 2011-2012

OCP Application

Thank you for being interested in applying for OCP of CAREER FORUM 2011-2012 in Mariupol. This questionnaire is an opportunity for AIESEC in Mariupol to get to know your ideas and profile. Make sure this application reflects you, your perspectives and personality.


"Career Forum 2011-2012" - a large-scale business event, which will inform young people about the existing vacancies as well as will be able to satisfy the needs of companies for skilled employees, thereby improving the situation of labor market in Ukraine.

The aim of the project: on the one hand, to give active students and young professionals information of employment opportunities in Donetsk region, as well as suggest other options to fulfill their potential in today’s socio-economic situation; on the other hand - to enable companies to improve interconnection with prospective employees through an open effective dialogue.

Project Objectives:


ü Combine leading socially responsible companies and organizations of Ukraine, Donetsk region and Mariupol and young people with high potential who are looking for ways of self-realization;


ü Provide information about vacancies that are available in the companies that participate in the Forum and possibilities of obtaining them;


ü Present alternatives of employment and development based on the current socio-economic situation


ü Provide participants of the Forum the information needed to improve their competitiveness in the labor market;


ü To provide participating companies access to the potential employees - students and graduates of institutions of Mariupol.



ü Students and graduates of higher educational establishments of Mariupol;


ü Representatives of the active youth of the city;


ü Socially responsible companies of Ukraine;


ü Representatives of state authorities;


ü Members of nongovernmental organizations;


ü The media.


This application is divided in 3 parts: Introduction, Past Experience and General Questions.

All applications must be accompanied by the following


· Application form (maximum 200 word for each question)

· Mailed to LCP and LC VP TM, AIESEC in Mariupol at



· The application form should have as subject: ‘Application form_ Name_Surname’

Application deadlines


· For All Candidates: 5th December 2011

If you have any questions concerning the applications or the application process please contact Anna Mykhalchuk

Email annamikhalchuk@gmail.com

Mobile +380972274969

OCP Role Description

Main responsibilities:

· OC team selection and management.

· Creation together with his team members the identity of his team including vision, principles and way of working..

· Organization of weekly meetings with project team.

· Identifying resources needed and dividing responsibilities.

· Tracking and evaluation team’s activity on a weekly basis.

· Management of a project budget together with finance responsible.

· Keeping project team well informed of changes within the organization.

· Motivation of a team to work together in the most efficient manner.

· Run feedback sessions at least twice during the project.

· Reward best performing members in the team.

· Make final evaluation of the project.


Skills and knowledge needed:

· Team management

· Leadership

· Project management

· Communication skills

· Selling skills

· Organization skills

· Flexible thinking

· Crisis management

· Decision making skills

· Planning skills

· Delegation skills

· Time management

· Motivation


Working as OCP you can develop:

· Effective communication (strong)

· Work in team (strong)

· Personal management (strong)

· Creative thinking (average)

· Personal effectiveness (strong)

· Presentation skills (average)

· Problem-solving skills (average)

· Strategic thinking skills (average)

· Training skills (small)

· Coaching skills (average)


Period of work: 1 December - 3 March



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