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Exercise 4. Translate the following letters into Russian



  Dear sir/Madam   Dekkers of Sheffield inform us that you are manufacturers of polyester cotton bedsheets and pillow cases. We are dealers in textiles and believe there is a promising market in our area for moderately priced goods of this kind. Please let me have details of your various ranges including sizes, colours and prices, together with samples of the different qualities of material used. Please state your terms of payment and discounts allowed on purchases of quantities of not less than 500 of specific items. Prices quoted should include delivery to our address shown above.   Your prompt reply would be appreciated.   Yours faithfully  



  Dear sir/Madam   Several of my customers have recently expressed an interest in your waterproof garments, and have enquired about their quality. If quality and price are satisfactory there are prospects of good sales here. However before placing a firm order I should be glad if you would send me on 14 days' approval a selection of men's and children's waterproof r£*£ncoats and leggings. Any of the items unsold at the end of this period and which I decide not to keep as stock would be returned at my expense.   I hope to hear from you soon. Yours faithfully  



  Dear sir/Madam   I read with interest your advertisement for plastic kitchenware in the current issue of the House Furnishing Review. I should appreciate it if you would arrange for your representative to call when next in this district. It would be helpful if he could bring with him a good selection of items from your product range. This is a rapidly developing district and if prices are right your goods should find a ready sale.   Yours faithfully  



  Dear sir/Madam We learn from Spett, Mancienne Fratelli of Rome that you are producing for export handmade gloves in a variety of natural leathers. There is a steady demand in this, country for gloves of high quality, and although sales are not particularly high, good prices are obtained. Please send me a copy of your catalogue with details of your prices and payment terms. It would also be helpful if you could supply samples of the various skins in which the gloves are supplied.   Yours faithfully  



  Dear Mrs Harrison I was very pleased to receive your enquiry of 15 January and enclose our illustrated catalogue and price list giving the details requested. A full range of samples has also been sent by separate post. When you have had an opportunity to examine them, I feel confident you will agree that the goods are excellent in quality and very reasonably priced. On regular purchases of quantities of not less than 500 individual items, we would allow a trade discount of 33%. For payment within 10 days from receipt of invoice, an extra discount of 5% of net price would be allowed. Polyester cotton products are rapidly becoming popular because they are strong, warm and light. After studying our prices you will not be surprised to learn that we are finding it difficult to meet the demand. However, if you place your order not later than the end of this month, we guarantee delivery within 14 days of receipt. I am sure you will also be interested to see information on our other products which are shown in our catalogue; if further details are required on any of these please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.   Yours sincerely  



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