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Three candles on a table

And dark-blue satin cloth.

Weíll lit the fire later

And now just our Love.


Your warmth and love inside me

And mine inside your all.

Like fireworks and riding

To something more than World.


And after we just sitting

And looking at the light.

And our glances greeting

New birth of our life.


The sapphire of night-time

And harmony, and joy.

You love me endless, tightly.

I love you too, my boy.


We donít remember something

What was before we met.

I feed you, you are smiling

My arms caress your head.


And nobody are kidding

And nobody in fun.

Though you are fond of teasing

Your Lady number one.


But obviously life-fact

For us and both we know:

Our time began from gold spark,

Become eternal glow.


Letís kiss each other tender

And say ďgood night, my Heart.

My Universe, My Angel,

My real second partĒ.



I was walking around the lake

Through the beautiful woods to high hills.

Didnít count grass fields and fast springs,

I was walking around the lake.


And I saw little land of the lake.

It was island with pine-trees and birches.

It was colored like bright autumn torches

In a wonderful land of the lake.


And the system of life is a lake,

Where we sailing toward our best

See mysterious signs in a Text

Reading signs in a dance of the wave.


Déjà vu, oh, I knew you before.

Lovely face, all your thoughts and your soul.

And your eyes, when you opened the door

Brought me up to Eternity throne.


And Moon Riverís beginning to flow.

And Sun Winds are beginning to blow.

Just your eyes in my mind and my goal.

Greatest news I have already known.


No one finds what it means, but, Godís Sake!

I just want You with me on this lake.


I was walking around the lake

Through the beautiful woods to high hills.

Didnít count grass fields and fast springs.

I was walking toward you to take.




Somebody praised my shoes

Somebody let me know

That there are seven clues

To open shuted soul.

The first is called a bell

Long-awaited, sounds well.

Or maybe itís a knock

Long-awaited, doorís unlocked.

The second is the glance

And making reverence.

The third is called a flash

It seems that walls are crushed.

The fourth is ďdo you want?Ē

ďNo, not yetĒ Ė itís affront.

The fifth is my regret,

But short like tennis set.

`cos sixth is holyday

and we begin our way.

And seventh clue is light

And seventh clue is height.

Itís maybe sex in bed.

Itís maybe kiss or net

Of feelings, poems, songs

Or luxuries, or scones.

But change scone to a nut

I mean not to get fat.

Or bring me giant rose

Or let me kiss your nose.

The seventh clue is Love

And our happy laugh.

And when we use all seven

Weíre flying in a Heaven.

They open our life:

Youíre husband, Iím a wife.

Weíve drown in tenderness.

Letís keep our happiness.


(to H. Simbergís picture "The wounded angelĒ)


I was wounded by cold ice

And for years closed my eyes.


I was wounded by bad guy,



I was wounded by strong hand

There was scar and quitted land.


Wounded angel in your place,

Wounded angel from the Space.


Nature treats me, air revives.

Angel opens brilliant eyes.


I felt cold knife in my heart.

I felt stopping of my blood.


I touched death pale by my skin.

In few short words I was killed.


Wounded angel in your place,

Wounded angel from the Space.


Something treats me and revives.

Through my lashes shine my eyes.


I felt emptiness and pain

Turning tears into rain.


I felt metal in a chest.

I felt how to be breathless.


Wounded angel will not die

Wounded angel from the sky.


Bring me water from the spring.

Give me honey and a ring.


I will eat and smile and drink.

I will treat my wounded wing.


I will put the ring on heart

And my blood again is hot.


Something treats me and revives.

Angel opens brilliant eyes.



People call me a princess

I am only sixteen.

People call me a beauty

So, I am seventeen.

Someone says I was power,

Someone says I was flower.


And I heard many love prayers,

And you played many love games.

And you look at my face,

And we spell our names.


People say I was gorgeous

I am only eighteen.

People say I was ment-shock

Iíve just came to nineteen.

Someone says I was moon-rise.

Someone says I was sky-prize.


And I heard many love prayers,

And you played many love games.

And you look at my face,

And we spell our names.


I receive angelís e-mail

When I am twenty one.

I was told I was fairy-tale,

I was told I was Sun.

Someone finds pearls around me,

Someone finds des plumes blanch.


Now Iíve got diamond crown,

Pour toujours je suis ange.


And I heard many love prayers,

And you played many love games.

And you look at my face.

And God knows Iím your blaze.


Hey, itís a world of stuffs,

Feelings mere glaze them.

Like some kind of fondue,

Have you ever taste them?


Youíve bought Swiss watch,

For what youíve bought?

To check the time of our date.

`Cos you donít live

Without what?

Without me, my great.


Ha, world is stuff

And life is stuff.

And spirit mere glaze them.

Itís seems to be a puff,

Or different kinds of fluff.


Iíve bought new dress,

For what Iíve bought?

Because tonight weíll go to dance.

`Cos itís a ball.

A ball of what?

A ball of stars and reigns.


I see your eyes

I hesitate that world is mere stuff.

I see your face and

Just in caseÖ

Okay, I said enough.


Youíve bought a yacht

For what you bought?

To sail with me around what?

`Cos you donít live without sort

Of things Iíve got a lot.


You thrilled by me,

You hesitate

That life is mere stuff.

You want me, right?

You hold me tight.

And itís not bluff, itís love.


Iíve bought a garden

For what I bought?

To pick our flowers just for us.

`Cos youíve just said meÖ

Said me what?

You did, you said enough.


Oh, itís a world of stuffs,

But feelings do not glaze them.

Itís love that makes us love

And choose right things to take them.


We bought our place together.

We ordered finest weather.

We fixed up all details

Combine our stellar days.


We remember sky- blue and a gleam,

Nature showed us her morning-time film.

World around us, the state and a peace.

Nature gave us the morning-time bliss.


And today we just see urbanese,

And accounts decrease and increase.

Racing, sizing and boarding our roads.

And a million faces and words.


And we start up and run or just shout.

We donít want our visas run out.

Life is visa from nowhere and dark

To a wonderful place we are now.


Huge amounts of venues to live.

Items, values to take and to give.

Many glances and gestures, so onÖ

But sometimes we must see the milestone.


We must hear the Destiny Bells,

Burry stupid resistance in cells.


Open windows and gateways for new.

Open ears and eyes Ė black and blue.

Tense our sense, our brain, our view.

Just to see ďOh, my God, it is You!Ē


You feel bad and completely alone

Used to live not a life, but its clone.

Didnít feel fire-bird and run fast,

Thinking over the time which is past.


Itís a wrong way, but put on right track.

Put on gas new love-car and good luck!


And again there are sky-blue and gleam.

Nature shows us her beautiful film.

World around us, the state and a peace.

We are given the glittering bliss.




Oh, I love you so much Ė come to me, get in touch.

Flute is singing its song Ė lonely night is too long.


Oh, I miss you so hard Ė Iím not ruling my heart.

Voice is trembling so strong Ė waiting for you so long.


You donít want be alone Ė you are mine, come along.

Come to see me and stay Ė turn two ways in one way.


There will be a road Ė made from silver and gold.

There will be a lace Ė our destiny trace.


Thereís a spirit of World, growing here, inside us.

We will make our World, our Planets and Stars.


We will live our life on a top of the World.

Come to see me, and stay. And just tell me a Word.


And all things we possess will be better than dream.

Iíll be happy again, playing on my violin.


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