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What do you think? Are these prices expensive, reasonable, or cheap?

__________ $60.00 for a pair of jeans. __________ $100.00 for a tie.
__________ $1.00 for a cup of coffee. __________ $8.00 for a shirt.
__________ $20.00 for a glass of wine. __________ $7.00 for a movie ticket.



Task 5. Sort out the words below into the table.


Clothes Footwear Accessories Patterns


belt pullover trainers shorts striped windbreaker checked scarf plimsolls wallet flats skirt plain socks earrings raincoat button overalls Wellington boots handkerchief tank top sneakers jacket vest slippers tights bow-tie bracelet necklace pyjamas sweatshirt high-heels tracksuit anorak cardigan night gown night dress blouse panties suit polka dot flip-flops pants purse

Task 6. Match words to their definitions.

bill discount refund chain store
browse on offer receipt shopping centre
cash price tax shopping mall
1. (One of) a group of retail shops which belong to a single company, have the same appearance and sell the same lines of goods (merchandise) -
2. A group of shops together in one area -
3. A group of shops together in one large covered building -
4. Looking at goods in shop windows without intending to buy them.
5. To look at the goods in a shop without wanting to buy any particular thing -
6. An amount of money that you must pay to the government according to your income, property, goods etc and that is used for public services.
7. The amount of money you have to pay for something -
8. For sale for a short time at a cheaper price than usual -
9. A reduction in the usual price of something -
10. A written list showing how much you have to pay for something you have bought -
11. A piece of paper that you are given which shows that you have paid for something -
12. Money in the form of coins or banknotes rather than cheques and credit cards -
13. The amount of money that is given back to you if you are not satisfied with the goods or services that you have paid for -

When we speak about clothes/garments/ a piece of clothing, we often use words MATCH SUIT FIT. Find definitions for each of these words:

1. to be the right size for your body; to try a piece of clothing on someone to see if it is the right size for them - .......

2. look good and attractive together because two things are a similar colour, pattern - .......

3. when clothes, colours etc make you look attractive; when something is acceptable, suitable or convenient for a particular person or in a particular situation they .......

Fill in the missing word (MATCH SUIT FIT) in the correct form:

1. ▪ Do these shoes still ... you?

2. ▪ Do you think this tie ...the shirt?

3. ▪ Jill's new hairstyle ... not really ... her.

4. ▪ I know this dress is going to ... you like a glove (= very well).

5. ▪ Red ...you.

6. ▪ Your socks ... not ....

7. ▪ That coat really... Paul.

8. ▪ For every outfit, Stephanie seemed to have a handbag and shoes to ....

9. ▪ There's a range of restaurants to ... all tastes.

10. ▪ We bought a green carpet to ...the curtains.

11. ▪ He's put on so much weight that his clothes don't ...any more.

12. ▪ We have gifts to ...every pocket (= of all prices).


Task 7. Decide who might say the following:

Shop Assistants Cashiers Customers.

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