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Place of the course the training of specialists

Brief description

Cytology and histology - the science of the structure, the processes of life, reproduction, and cell death, as well as the structural organization of tissues and cells in correlation with functional features, the principles of life, backgrounds, specialization. In the third millennium, cytology and histology are transformed from basic to applied science that can pose and solve actual problems of modern medicine, biotechnology, and veterinary medicine. With their help, the issues were resolved production of biological, laboratory preparation and cloning of organisms, started to develop the foundations of cell and tissue therapy. Consequently, today's students - microbiologist enough superficial knowledge of cell biology, so he had to think of the fine details apparatus and function of cells and subcellular structures

Oabjective of the course

Objective of the course of cytology and histology is to familiarize students with current knowledge of the structure, reproduction, and functioning, specialization and pathological processes in the cells of different types of organizations, the study of general regularities in the structural organization of living matter, the formation of the structure and function of human tissues, scientific-materialist worldview of the laws of the structure, origin of tissue in the living organism.

Tasks of the course

ü To explore the conceptual framework and methodological procedures of cytology.

ü To establish a cause-effect relationship in the structure and function of cells, tissues.

ü To form a complete picture of students' perception of the world.

ü Identify the similarities and differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, cellular processes and principles of action.

ü Master the skills, using microscopic techniques, cytochemical, biochemical and other modern methods of research of cells.

ü Get the knowledge of the structure of cells and tissues, which are the basis of all living organism.

ü Examine tissue, which is a system that follows the cellular level of organization of life in the whole organism.

ü Consider the inherent laws of general biological tissues characteristic of living matter, and yet their own particular structure, development, life, interstitial and interstitial communication.

ü Show a system of cells and non-cellular structures they have, combined, and specializing in the evolution to perform critical functions in the body.

ü Expand the general laws inherent in the tissue level of organization and the distinctive features of specific tissues.

Place of the course the training of specialists

The course "Cytology and Histology" takes an important place in biological education, laying the foundations of scientific, structural-functional approach to the analysis of the human life. Students listen this discipline based on the course "General Biology", "Anatomy", which lays the foundation of studying patterns of development, structure of organs and tissues. Knowledge of taken course "Cytology and Histology," students will be required to study the microbiologists of genetics, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, embryology and other life sciences, taught at the undergraduate.

Progress of modern cytology and histology based on the achievements in physics, chemistry, mathematics, cybernetics, and many life sciences, which defines the discipline as a major in the professional training of graduates.


Laboratory and practical classes acquaint students with the basic regularities of biology in the development of cell and its constituents, the variety of tissues, with the anatomical structure of vegetative and generative organs of plants and animals. On laboratory studies students learn the development of cooking techniques temporary agents followed by their structural and functional analysis, and in some cases the use of cyto-chemical reaction a certain type. The results of the research are reflected in the findings and performed by students of the objects depicted in the form of schematic drawings, and in the form of detailed anatomical images.

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