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Ex. 13. Fill in the blanks with a suitable word in the correct form. Trans≠late the sentences into Russian.

to assure; assurance; authorities; to cancel; cause; to cause; concern; to concern; to confirm; to embarrass; embarrassment; to exchange; to lean; to object; stiff; objection; to suit; suitable; to withdraw.

1. The doctor assured the patient's relatives that there was no ... for worry and things were going as smoothly as he could only wish for. 2. The clerk at the travelling agency ... me that everything would be taken care of, including luggage delivery. 3. The incident ... a lot of discussion. 4. Everything about the new job ... me fine. 5. The boy ... to being treated like a child. 6. We talked the man into ... his charges and settling the matter out of court. 7. The girl... over to her compan≠ion and started whispering excitedly in his ear. 8. Unused to speaking in public, the young man did his best to hide his ... .9. Nobody seemed to have any ... to the arrangement and it took us but a few minutes to conclude the business. 10. There was so much ... in the man's voice that I calmed down at once. 11. The development of new districts is the re≠sponsibility of the town planning ... . 12. For some reason or other the trip was .... 13. A careful study of the circumstances ... our worst sus≠picions. 14. After ... the usual smiles and greetings they finally got down to business. 15. The clerk was clearly ... by the request but saw no way of refusing it. 16. The speaker pointed out that the matter was of great importance and, as he saw it, ... all those present. 17. She spent the last few days in town shopping around for things... for wear in the distant north≠ern village where she was going to work. 18. I was somewhat put off by his ... manner at first. “Ó tŚll the truth, I'd been looking forward to a warmer welcome.


Ex. 14. Paraphrase the following, using words and word combinations from the text. Make all other necessary changes.

as far as smb is concerned; assurance; authority; to cancel; to concern (2); to confirm; to embarrass; fortunately; to object; objection; to put smb up; to suit; suitable; to withdraw.

1. The quiet firmness in the speaker's voice showed he knew what he was talking about. 2. The travelling agency clerk telephoned to the client to inquire if the order stood as it was or there would be some changes. 3. The notice on the station wall read that there would be no trains between three and five that afternoon on account of repairs to the tracks. 4. The chairman of the committee gave careful attention to whatever the members had to say against the arrangement. 5. Lucky thing, we had made reservations at the local hotel beforehand. 6. Such stories are not fit for children's ears, if you ask me. 7. What makes your friend think he's got the right to give orders around here? 8. Direct questions about herself always made her uneasy. 9. As to me, you can do as you like. The matter has to do with you alone. 10. He didn't seem to have any≠thing against the matter in principle, all his remarks dealt with details. 11. The exchange of opinions proved most useful and finally a decision was reached that satisfied everybody concerned. 12. He had to think fast for if he failed to give a definite answer by Thursday morning at the latest the offer could be taken back. 13. Planning to spend a couple of days in that town I wrote a friend asking if he could let me stay at his place.


Ex. 15. Speak on the following topics. Use the words and phrases given below.


In the Hotel Lobby

in the heart of the Deep South; New Orleans; the St. Gregory; a hotel for whites only; a group of new arrivals; to arrive by plane; to check one's baggage; to watch the baggage being unloaded from the airport limousine; to precede smb; to form a line; at the reception counter; to register at a hotel; to fill out a form; to sign one's name; to be checked in;


The New Arrival

Doctor Nicholas; a Negro; middle-aged; to arrive from the midwest; well-dressed; in an expensively tailored suit; a black Homburg hat; valise in hand; to speak with a midwestern accent; a cultured voice; to arrive for the dentists' convention; to do important scientific research; to make a report on malignant mouth tumours; to have a large practice; to lecture at the University; to have a fine reputation; to do well;


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