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Ex. 14. Fill in the blanks with a suitable word in the correct form. Trans­late the sentences into Russian.

anxious; beforehand; circumstance; defence; to depend (2); de­pendent; evidence; feature (2); guilt; guilty; independence; inno­cent; to lack; to propose; punishment; remarkable; slight: strict; strictly (2); to swear (2); to try (2); witness

1. Under the Soviet law the accused person is believed ... until his ... is proved by the prosecution. 2. Cases in Soviet courts are ... by a judge and two people's assessors. 3. Soviet justice aims at helping'a person back to the life of honest work, but it is strict in its ... of persons who are a menace to socialist order. 4. It was in 1972 that Bangladesh finally succeeded in winning its .... 5. Many of the new states that have appeared on the African continent are economically ... on foreign countries. 6. The transistor radio, that great wonder of modern technology, often no bigger than a matchbox, is surely one of the most ... inventions made by man. 7. Noise is one of the most unpleasant ... of life in a big modern city. 8. Though the ... seemed to point to the accused, the defence lawyer remained convinced of his ... . 9. He obviously ... the self-discipline so important for a man ... to succeed. 10. I have very often had the chance to observe that the motor-car brings out a man's worst ... . People who are normally quiet and gentle in manner may become unrecognizable when they are behind a wheel. They shout and..., they are ill-mannered, rough and aggressive. Present drinking and driving laws should be made ... . After all, the world is for people, not motor-cars. 11. The meaning of a word often ... on the context, the circumstances or the situation. 12. The details of the trip had been arranged ..., and he could take things easy for a while. 13. In due course the accussd was ... and found ... of having committed the crime. 14. But for a ... accent her English was perfect. 15. People often say that happiness is an attitude to life which ... partly on circumstances and partly on one's own character. 16. He always. stuck ... to his own business never showing the ... interest in what was going on around him. 17. The inspector ... that immediate steps should be taken to clear up the ... of the accident. The first thing to do was to find ..., that is those who had actually seen it happen. 18. For some un­accountable reason the experiment had gone wrong, though we could all ... that we had ... followed the instructions.


Ex. 15. Paraphrase the following, using words and word combinations from the text. Make all other necessary changes.

to lack; to punish; to swear; to propose; to make out (2); circum­stance (2); innocent; guilty; remarkable (2); anxious; tight; slight; slightly (2); beforehand; up to a point; strictly speaking (2)

1. When we left home it was still raining a little. 2. You might have let me know about the changes in the arrangements earlier. 3. The ap­pearance of another witness at the trial was an unforeseen development. 4. I had been mistaken in my judgement of the man, though not complete­ly. 5. She hadn't the least idea what all the fuss was about. 6. As the day of the trial approached he grew more and more worried and af­raid. 7. I shouldn't advise you to judge his actions until you know the facts. 8. He wasn't disappointed in the true sense of the word, may be a little annoyed or upset. 9. He is definitely the wrong man to be charged with the task, he has no sense of responsibility. 10. At first sight there didn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary about the actress. 11. At the trial it was proved that the man had had no part in the crime. 12. She wasn't exactly anxious, just excited. 13. I couldn't see a thing in the darkness. 14. The painter's sense of colour is marvelous. 15. He could put his hand on his heart and saythat he had never let a single word drop about their confidential talk. 16. He intended to spend a couple of days in the country. 17. It looked as if she were being made to suffer for something she hadn't done. 18. True enough, it was a smart coat, but a little too close-fitting for my taste. 19. He has always been a puzzle to me.


Ex. 16. Speak on the following topics, using the words and phrases given below.

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