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IYA 1103 EPP Pre-intermediate 1 course

Course Calendar

Week Practical Studies Hrs TSIS SIS Hrs
PW, Project GW 2, TM
  Module 1 Higher Education  
2.09-7.09.14 Acquaintance with the group. Introduction to the course. Paragraph writing WP pp. 28-35. Project guidelines.
8.09.-14.09.14 Module 1 Text 1 Traditional education VS Credit-based education Grammar:Present Simple, Present Simple Passive Vocabulary: TV test EITS pp 6-13, TM 1-20 test Reading/Speaking: EITS pp.14-20 (except for grammar focus)   Choice of the movie/cartoon fragment   EITS p. 17, GW2 pp.8-10, pp.86-91 exer TM 1-20
15.09.-21.09.14 Module 1 Text 2 Higher Education in Kazakhstan: challenges and priorities Grammar:Questions Vocabulary: TM 21-40 test Listening: Computers at work IECU, Unit 1, p.4 Reading/Speaking: EITS pp. 21-28 (except for grammar focus) Descriptive paragraph 1 “My future profession”     GW2 pp.132-138 exer/s TM 21-40  
22.09.-28.09.14 Module 1 Text 3 You’ve got to find what you love Grammar:Past Simple, Past Simple Passive Vocabulary: TM 41-60 test Reading/Speaking: EITS pp. 28-36 (except for grammar focus)   Compilation Movie script outline   GW2 pp.14-17, pp.86-91 exer/s   TM 41-60
29.09.-5.10.14 Module 1 Text 3You’ve got to find what you love Grammar:Present Perfect VS Past Simple Vocabulary: TM 61-80 test Reading/Speaking: EITS pp. 28-36 (except for grammar focus) Video session Comp/Contrast paragraph 2: “My school and University life”   GW2 pp. 26-31, exer/s TM 61-80
6.10.-12.10.14 Module 2 Text 1 Soft skills VS hard skills Grammar: Past Perfect Vocabulary: TM 81-100 test Reading/Speaking: EITS pp. 47- 55 (except for grammar focus)     GW2 pp. 74-76, exer/s TM 81-100
13.10-19.10.14 Midterm Evaluation
  Module 2 Computer essentials  
20-26.10.14 Unit 2 Computer essentials Grammar: Relative pronouns Vocabulary: TM 101-120 test Listening: A PC system IECU Unit 3, p.15 Reading/Speaking: What is a computer? IECU Unit 2, p.8 Video: Computer tour.   Compilation of the movie script   GW2 pp. 41-45, exer/s TM 101-120  
27.10.-2.11.14 Unit 3 Types of computer systems Grammar:Adjectives Vocabulary:TM 121-140 test Reading/Speaking: PEICT Unit 3. Listening: IECU Unit 2, p.9 Opinion paragraph 3: « The best computer system »   GW2 pp.110,113-114, exer/s TM 121-140  
3.11.-9.11.14 Unit 6 Input devices: The eyes of your PC Grammar: Pronouns: both/neither/all/none Vocabulary:TM 141-160 test Reading/Speaking: IECU Unit 6, p.27 Listening: Scanners IECU Unit 6, p.28   Revision of the movie script GW2 pp.54-56, exer/s   TM 141-160
10.11.-16.11.14 Unit 7 Output devices: Display screens Grammar:Possessive pronouns Vocabulary:TM 161-180 test Reading/Speaking: PEICT Unit 7, p.24 Listening: IECU Unit 7, p.34 Action paragraph 4: “How will we live in 50 years”   GW2 pp.57-59, exer/s TM 161-180
17.11.-23.11.14 Unit 30 Robots, Androids, AI Grammar: Some/any/no-a lot of/much/many-(a) little/(a) few Vocabulary: TV (Handout) Reading/Speaking: PEICT Unit 30, p.70     Video voice over GW2 pp.126-131, exer/s TV test
24.11.-30.11.14 Unit 30 New technologies Grammar:Present Continuous,Future Simple Vocabulary: TM 181-200 test Reading/Speaking: IECU Unit 30, p.150     GW2 pp.6-7, 32-35, exer/s TM 181-200
1-7.12.14 Grammar/Vocabulary: Revision Project: Presentation Final project presentation
-14.12.14 End-of-term Evaluation  
Final exam (voc-gr computer test)  


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