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Required literature

Fall 2014

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Zh.Manapbayeva Senior teacher       3308566 ext2016   zh.manapbayeva@iitu.kz  

Course duration:45 classroom hours, 15 weeks: 3 classroom hours a week

Course pre-requisites: Placement test

General course aims:

(1) Professional English preparation

(2) To prepare students for further academic studies abroad.

Course description:

IYA 1103- GE/EPP Pre-Intermediate is Professional English course offered to the 1st year students of IITU. It focuses on such topic of professional interest as Computer is a friend or foe, Minimizing the negative impacts, The digital age, Computer crime, Information security, etc. It is designed to raise the students' language awareness, improve their speech skills and communication competences in Professional English. The language training is communicative, interactive, student-centered, outcome-oriented and heavily reliant on students' self-study work. The latter is organized as T/SIS (GW2, MEG exercises, summary writing and project).

Course Goal:

To improve studentsí professional English language/speech skills, to tailor the English language program to the studentsí current and future professional needs.

Course objectives (Pre/Intermediate):

- basic grammar and professional vocabulary;

- listening: comprehension of spoken language in professional contexts;

- speaking: discussion of professional issues;

- reading: skimming and scanning of texts of professional interest, guessing the meaning of new words and phrases from context;

- writing a summary and technical translation;

- information search, life-long learning, leadership, critical thinking, decision-making, problem-solving and team work.

Learning Outcomes (Pre-intermediate):

By the end of the course the students will be able to:

- differentiate and use such grammar issues such as: Tenses, Pronouns, Adjectives, Questions;

- Show proficiency in recognizing familiar words, interpreting and understanding authentic oral speech as: Traditional education VS Credit-based education, Higher Education in Kazakhstan: challenges and priorities, Youíve got to find what you love, Soft skills VS hard skills, Computer essentials, Types of computer systems, Input devices: The eyes of your PC, Output devices: Display screens, Robots, Androids, AI, New technologies;

- speak fluently on the covered issues, express opinion, propose solutions present ideas on the above topics;

- skim and scan texts on the topics under study and guess the meaning of new words and phrases from context;

- recognize and apply professional IT vocabulary on the topics studied;

- write paragraphs;

- speak fluently on Higher Education and Computer Essentials;

- share responsibilities among project group members, manage the time properly and submit all tasks before the deadline.

Required literature

1. Jolamanova B., Karzhaubayeva S., Sholakhova A., Manapbayeva Zh. English for IT students, IITU, Almaty 2013

2. Infotech English for computer users. Fourth edition. Studentís book. Santiago Remacha Esteras Cambridge University Press 2007.

3. Infotech English for computer users. Fourth edition. Teacherís book. Santiago Remacha Esteras

Cambridge University Press 2008.

4. Professional English in Use. ICT. For computers and the Internet. Santiago Remasha Esteras, Elena Marco Fabre. Cambridge University Press, 2007.

5. Grammarway 2. Dooley, J., Evans, V. Newbury: Express Publishing, 2004.


1. Jolamanova B., Sholakhova A. Writing Papers in English, IITU, Almaty, 2011.



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