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Reservations and check-in




Word study

Hotels use a variety of documents to deal with guests. Computerized and manual systems often have the same functions, although the names are sometimes different.

Here is a list of records used by a typical hotel front office:

1 Hotel Register

2 Reservation Form or Card

3 Reservation Diary or Daily Arrival List

4 Reservation Chart

5 Room .Status Board

6 Guest Index

7 Guest History

Can you match the documents above with these definitions?

a Provides a visual record of all reservations for a period and shows at a

glance rooms reserved and those remaining to be sold. b Lists all current guests in alphabetical order with their room numbers

and provides an additional quick point of reference in larger hotels, c Standardizes the details of each booking, forms the top sheet of any

documents relating to it, and enables a speedy reference to any

individual case. d Records all previous visits to the hotel for any individual and contains

important statistical reservation and revenue data.

Unit 4 Reservations and check-in

e Shows all rooms by room number and floor, and gives the current and

projected status of all rooms on a particular day, with details of

occupation. f Records all bookings by date of arrival and shows all arrivals for a

particular day at a glance. g Records all arrivals as diey occur and gives details of all current and

past guests.

Which of these records are unlikely to be found in (i) a manual system, and (ii) a computerized system?

2 Listening

Mi ■






Listen to these two callers phoning the Hotel Melissa to make reservations. Complete the information in the chart below:

Caller 1

Caller 2

Name of guest(s) Arrival date No. of nights Room type Company/Individual Stayed before Method of payment Credit card no. Address

Reservation no. Special requests

44 Unit 4 Rfservations and check-in

3 Language study Pronunciation of letters

Often when making reservations or rilling in forms, names have to be spek our loud. How good is your pronunciation ofletters?

As a pronunciation check, list the letters of the alphabet according co their vowel sounds. The first three have been done for you.

ffi /e/ An/ /ao/ /li:/ /a:/

(grey) (green) (red) (white) (yellow) (blue) (dark)

A_____ B
_____ C

Spell your full name to your partner.

Think of three people you know (family or friends), and spell cheir names to your partner as quickly as possible.

Short answers

Look at how the callers give short answers to the questions of the reservations clerk:

Have you stayed with us before?

+ No, f haven't.

Will you be paying by credit card?

Yes, I will.

You have an account with us, don't you?

Yes, we do.

Using short answers, answer the questions:

a Do you have a reservation? (No)

b Is it just for the one night? (Yes)

c Would you like one of our Executive rooms? (Yes)

d Is there one available on the ground floor? (No)

e Will you be staying tomorrow as well? (No)

f Is that a company booking? (Yes)

g Have they confirmed their booking? (Yes)

h Do you have a room widi a view? (Yes)

Unit 4 Reservations and cbeck-in

Tag questions

Notice the way we use tag questions to ask for confirmation:

►* It was Miss King, wasn 't it?

You have an account with us, don 'tyou?

*- But the guests haven't stayed with us before, have they?

Now add tag questions to the following statements:

a There isn't a doctor in the hotel,_______ ?

b You wanted to pay in cash,______ ?

c You haven't spoken to the duty manager yer, _ _?

d We couldn't have a receipt for that,______ ?

e It's more expensive in high season,______ J

f You're settling by credit card, _____ ?

g We can sigh the agreement today,______ ?

h They're not postponing the conference, _____ ?


'Lodgistix' is a computer software company which specializes in providing computer software for the hotel industry. You are going to read part of the information brochure about their Reservation and Front Office Systems.

Unit 4 Reservations and check-in

Read the text which follows and match each paragraph with one of the summary sentences below. Don't worry if you can't understand every word just try to understand the general meaning.

a You will quickly be able to find out if a guest has stayed before and use

this information.

b You can change the system to suit your particular hotel. c Your marketing department will be able to use the information in the

Reservation System.

d Your employees will find the system easy to use. e You will be able to process guests quickly when they arrive (and when

they leave) by allocating suitable rooms immediately. f You can use detailed statistical analysis of the guests to help

increase profits. g Your guests will get a better service and you will get a bigger profit.


LODGISTIX presents

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