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English for the Hotel and Tourist Industry


High Season

English for the Hotel and Tourist Industry

Keith Harding & Paul Henderson

Oxford University Press


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The King jamo Thxdc&xcL Edinburgh

"" '' ' " ii ri^nn|>

The Copthorrer Tta H^ri. London

Tyjieset to Aiahr Cam hy Tratlc^CMib issL fa
Pnnifd is Hcnjr Komf

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1 Types of accommodation 10

2 Hotel facilities 20

3 Staffing and internal organization 31

4 Reservations and check-in 42

5 Hotel and restaurant services 53

6 Money matters 64

7 Dealing with complaints

8 Off-site services 89

9 The business traveller 100


10 Conferences 109

11 Tour operation—planning

12 Tour operation—execution
Pair/Group A instructions 143
Pair/Group B instructions 147
TapescripG 151
Wordlist 172

Unit Contents Chart






Types of accommodation p. 10 Guests' preferences Information about Yosemite Dealing with enquiries about accommodation Where to stay in Yosemite Park Brochure descriptions
Hotel facilities p. 20 At the Horeliers' Conference Room descriptions Describing rooms A room at the Copthorne Tara 'Tall Story'
Staffing and internal organization p. 31 Hotel staff hierarchy The job of a concierge Running a small herd A family hotel in the Dordogne A job application
Reservations and check-in p. 42 Telephone reservations Check-in procedure Reservations procedure Checking in Reservations and Front Office computer systems A£uc reservation
Hotel and restaurant services p. 53 Ordering a meal Calling Reception In che resKurant Menus Hotel notices and information sheets
Money matters p. 64 Three financial transactions Changes in tates Checking out A bill from the Royal YorkHoiel A memo to staff


Language study Word study



Describing a horel for a Giving opinions Accommodation


Expressing likes and dislikes Hotel features

Choosing a hotel

Describing beach resort hotels


An informal letter recommending hotels

Describing past ri me Making comparisons

Guidebook symbols Special facilities

Comparing hotels

Prioritizing alteration work on a hotel


A letter of application Obligation

Adjectives and nouns describing personality

Appointing a concierge

Careers in housekeeping and maintenance


Confirming a reservation Pronunciation of letters by fax

Short answers

Tag questions

Hotel documents

Allocating rooms Buying a computer system


Taking telephone messages

intentions and spontaneous American and British
decisions English

Making requests

Categorizing jobs in the food and beverage cycle

Separating jumbled orders


A letter offering a special rate

Using numbers The Passive

Financial terms

Exchanging foreign currency

A comparison of tipping in three countries






Dealing with complaints

p. 77

A guest complains People who complain 'There's a fly inmysoftwE

A disastrous experience Dealing with complaints Letters of complaint


Off-site services p. 89 Excursions on Crete A guided tour of Charleston Local artractiaiw in Charleston Hiring a car Off-site services Car hite information
The business traveller p. 100 Looking after important guests An interview with a businesswoman CidturaJ differences Hotei business facilities The Japanese business traveller
Conferences p. 109 Inspecting a conference suite Changing a conference programme Conference facilities A letter of enquiry fioin a conference co-ordinator The Abela Hotel, Monacc
Tour operation: planning p. 121 Explaining 'fam trips' Choosing a hotel for an incentive tour Arranging an itinerary- Five tour operators Shearings fam trip itinerai
Tour operation: execution p. 133 Checking in a group Changes in rates Assessing tour group needs A Welcome Letter and itinerary A rooming list


Language study

Word study



Replying to a letter of complaint

Present Perfect Passive should have (done) Responding to complaints

Intensifying adverbs

Restaurant role play Assessing guests' feedback


Describing local attractions

First Conditional Giving advice

Entertainments, coach tours Exchanging information

about a coach tour

Planning a guided tour



A Welcome Letter

Present Perfect Continuous Comparison and contrast vs Present Perfect Simple

Designing a business apartment

Where business travellers stay- an international comparison


A leaflet for a conference hocel

Describing use Conferences and meetings

Talking abour room layouts

Describing size and dimension

Planning a conference programme

Opening night role play


A letter to a tour operator Future Continuous

Future Perfect Reported speech

Prepositional phrases

Hotel manager/tour operator role play

Completing a tour-planning diary


A letter in response to survey results

Second Conditional Reported questions

Formal notices

Selecting a resort representative

Assessing feedback on package tours

Unit 7 Dealing with complaints

Divide into pairs, A and B. A should read letter 1. B should read letter 2. Answer the questions which follow, then compare answers with your partner.



Dear Sir, 1 am writing to you concerning my recent stay at your hotel. My wife and I arrived on Saturday 15th May and stayed for a weak. Although we were treated well and found the service and your staff excellent, there are one. or two matters which we feel we should bring to your attention. Fii-stly, we had hoped for a complete break from our "busy work lives, and indeed your advertisement promised 'peace and quiet' and the chance to relax. However, we wore surprised bo find that there was a lot of noisy building work. 1 understand that repairs are sometimes needed, but Is it really necessary to start at seven o'clock in the morning? Secondly, we had hoped to make use of the •luxurious poor. To our astonishment, we found that this was cloaed fop the entire period of our stay. I hope you do not mind ms writing to you about these thJnga, but 1 would be grateful If you could give me some explanation. Aa I said at the start, it is a pity whan your service is so excellent in other areas. I look forward to hearing from you. Tfoura faithfully,
Mr, 'Heater Bradley Dear Sir 1 recentlylutd the bad luck to stay tu your hotel, and I am now forced to write to youto expressmv disgustwith the serviceyou provided.. From themoment t arrival 1 was treated in aniniiiKinlly man­ner. 1 also foundthai the promises you made in your advertise-ment were not true. The hotel was notrelaxing - it was noisy und uncomfortable. The restaurant wasurn romantic,and indeed it was hardly a restaurant, as it offered very little variety of food, Furthermore, there was no transport him town. When I com­plained abool Ibis I wassimply told there was a bus strike. Sun k you could have provided a taxi service for your guests. 1 am a I'iin ly mwjsabteman, ami I urn quite prepared in pui up wiih a little inconvenience, hut this was too much far me. If [ do no! receive n satisfactory explanation and appropriate compensa­tion, | shall he forced to take the matter further. 1 Brasending a copy of this tetter to my solicitor and to the local tourist board. Yours faithfully P Pryke


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