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Read the texts given below.


A Pembrey Memorial Community Centre

Pembrey Memorial Community Centre continues its tradition of training in the do­mestic crafts, but this year, for the first time, Pembrey is also offering courses in arts and athletics. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday are reserved for cooking, embroidery and needlework classes. On Wednesdays we offer a break for those who wish to relax and exercise; golf or aerobics classes. There is also a new landscapepainting class on offer. The tree-lined hills surrounding the campus are a beautiful area to paint.

B Glan-y-mor Comprehensive

Glan-y-mor Comprehensive school offers two exciting new courses this semester, both with guest instructors. A dressmaking course for those interested in designing clothes for the theatre will be offered on Wednesday nights. Teaching it is Madeline Albright, who has won numerous awards for her costumes in London theatres. She has done the dressmaking for Shakespeare’s plays as well as contemporary musicals such as Guys and Dolls. Also offered for the first time is a course in computer skills. On Wednesdays the focus is on programming, while Thursdays are reserved for beginners wishing to learn word processing and other basic skills. Donald Matthews, a consultant with IBM in New York, teaches.

C Pentip Language School

The Pentip Language School teaches German, Spanish and Welsh at all levels. The classes are only offered on Mondays and Tuesdays this year. There’s a special two-week programme in the Spanish department during the spring semester. Twelve students will be able to travel to Madrid where they will attend classes, live with Spanish families and be placed in a Spanish company for three working days to observe and learn from the business community in Spain.

D The Avenue Learning Centre

The Avenue Learning Centre is for those who need extra help with their reading, wri­ting and communication skills. You can study Maths for work or home, work on study skills or gain support while studying. Teachers are in the office at all hours to give private tutoring or answer any questions. For the first time, we are also offering a course in sign language for the hearing-impaired.

For questions (1-6), choose from the schools (A-D).Which school(s) would you recommend for someone who:

× is interested in computer programming? (1) …

× wants to improve their writing skills? (2) …

× enjoys learning about cookery? (3) …

× wants to improve their computer skills? (4) …

× wants to take the opportunity to go abroad? (5) …

× is interested in costume design? (6) …

II. Writing

Choose the correct item to complete the sentence.

1. I can’t cut my steak. The knife’s …

A sharp B weak C dim Dblunt

2. The plane had to change its…and fly over Italy.

A trip Broute C flight Dtravel

3. If you want to become a professional pianist, you need to…every day.

A practise Bexercise C train Dcoach

4. David won't …his son drive his car until he has passed his driving' test.

A permit Ballow C let D leave

5. I came across this antique clock quite by…

A sight Bchance C heart D luck

6. You should look at the…in your jumper if you want to know how to wash it.

A badge Bmark C notice D label

You’ve decided to order an English coursebook online. Write a letter of 50-60 words to the bookshop in which you:

× state what book you want to order;

× ask for a bill and the pay and delivery details;

× ask for their catalogue.

III. Speaking

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