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The summer holidays are approaching and you your family just can’t decide where to go. The kids want lost of sport and activity, while you would prefer a chance to relax in natural surroundings and experience a bit of culture as well. Why not try Swansea, the holiday destination with something for everyone?

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To start with, the beaches around Swansea are a playtime paradise, with clean sand and sparkling water. There is no end to the things you can do. The little ones can build sandcastles and paddle on the shore, while older children can take part in activities such as windsurfing and sailing. Grown-ups will enjoy lazing on the beach while admiring the beautiful scenery.

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For those who don’t fancy sunbathing or watersports, the surrounding countryside has lots to offer. Picturesque coastal paths and nature trails are ideal for long walks. Moreover, me­dieval castles, ancient burial sites and spectacular parks and gardens can all be easily reached.

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If you want to have a fabulous time in town, try the Maritime Quarter. Once the indus­trial and shipping area of the city, it now has quaint 19th century streets alongside newer areas of homes, businesses, pubs, restaurants and museums. Don’t miss the Maritime and Industrial Museum, which is full of fascinating relics from the Quarter’s working past.

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We can guarantee that your holiday in Swansea won’t be spoilt by rainy weather. The Swansea Leisure Centre, a huge indoor complex, truly has something for everyone with its swimming pool, fitness classes, high-tech gym and, of course, a cafeteria for snacks and drinks. There’s an assortment of special activities for the kids, including wild and wacky exercises in Fit kid, and the Fun Club, with team games, arts and crafts and swimming sessions especially for children.

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The culturally-minded will find plenty to suit their tastes in Swansea. The Swansea Grand theatre has offerings ranging from comedy to opera. There is also an outdoor theatre at Oystermouth Castle, where opera and the plays of Shakespeare are performed. For those interested in the visual arts, Swansea’s municipal art gallery houses a variety of works by famous artists such as Dore, Gwen and Augustus John and Graham Sutherland.

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Finally, for a taste of the exotic, don’t miss Plantasia. This is an indoor tropical para­dise, packed with beautiful plantlife from the warmest regions of the world. It’s not just greenery either. Frogs, snakes, spiders and birds can be seen in their natural surroun­dings, and the butterfly house, with its colourful creatures from the world’s rainforests, is not to be missed. So if your holiday plans are still up in the air, don’t hesitate - come to Swansea and have the holiday of a lifetime!

Choose the most suitable heading from the list (A-H) for each part (1-6) of the article. There is one extra heading that you don’t need to use. There is an example (0) at the beginning.

A Wandering through nature and history. BKeeping the arts alive. CThe perfect place to go. D Past and present combined. E For the adventurous only. F Weatherproof fun. G Seaside pleasures. H A jungle in the heart of Swansea.

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