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Write the correct names of the countries under their emblems.


Match the first part of the sentence in A with the second part of the sentence in B

Buckingham Palace is Holmes museum in London Westminster Abbey is Big Ben is has the portrait of Livanov depicting Holmes himself. a Gothic Church. a chiming clock. the Queen's official and main royal London home.

Answer the questions

a) What is the nickname of the UK flag?

b) What is the official language in Great Britain?

c) What city is the capital of Great Britain?

d) What is the name of the town where W. Shakespeare was born?

e) What is the nickname of London’s Underground?

f) What place is the official home of the Queen?

g) What holiday is celebrated in Britain on the 25th of December?

h) What is the Stonehenge?

i) What do you know about The Loch Ness monster?

j) What does a red hand on the emblem of Northern Ireland mean?


3. Look at the map of The United Kingdom. Can you mark the countries from 1 to 4?


England   Scotland  
Northern Ireland   Wales


Write the words in the text according to their transcriptions

1) ['ʃæmrɔk] 2) ['dæfədɪl] 3) ['sɪmb(ə)l] 4) [waɪt] 5) [ˌpætrɪ'ɔtɪk]   ['edɪnb(ə)rə] [əuk] ['mɔnəkɪ] ['belfɑːst] ['aɪələnd]



Write the correct names of the countries under their emblems.

Wales England Scotland Northern Ireland  





a) _________ b) ________ c) ___________ d) _____________


6. Choose the correct answer to each question:

1. The Union Jack is …

a) the flag of the UK c) the flag of Wales
b) the flag of Scotland d) the flag of England

2. Great Britain is separated from the continent by…

3. The national currency of the UK is…

a) the euro c) the pound
b) the dollar d) the pence

4.Match the writer and the book.

1) Shakespeare 2) Arthur Conan Doyle 3) Charles Dickens 4) R. Kipling a) “The Hound of the Baskervilles” b) “David Copperfield” c) “Mowglie” d) “Romeo and Juliet”  

7. Read some interesting information about “The Beatles” and answer the questions.

1) When was John Lennon born? When did he form his first band? What was the first name of the group?

2) When was Paul McCartney born? Who was his best friend? Where did he meet John Lennon for the first time? What was their one of the most popular songs? Has he ever been to Russia?

3) When was Ringo born? How many songs did he write?

4) Where is the birthplace of this group?

5) Who was the youngest member of the band?


  The Beatles is a combination of two words – “beat”, and “beetles”. All four Beatles were born during the 1940s and grew up in Liverpool.
  John Lennon was born in Liverpool in October 1940. In 1950s he formed his first band, “The Quarrymen”, who, with the addition of Paul McCartney and George Harrison, later became “The Beatles”. John was killed in 1980.  
  Paul McCartney was born in 1942. Paul McCartney and John Lennon met for the first time at the church square in Vulton. They became the best friends. Paul McCartney and John Lennon had melodic bass a line of “Yesterday” that was one of the most popular songs. Paul McCartney was a poet, a drummer, a soloist, a guitarist, a musician, a producer, and a writer. From all the Beatles Paul McCartney made the most successful solo career.  
  George Harrison was born in February 1943, Liverpool. He was the youngest member of the Beatles. Date of Death: 29 November 2001, California, USA (lung cancer).  
Ringo Starr was born in July 1940, Liverpool. He is known as the drummer of The Beatles. During his stay with The Beatles, Ringo wrote two songs, however--"Don't Pass Me By" and "Octopus' Garden".  


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