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Are you proud of our national holidays and traditions?

Now let`s talk about Belarusian customs and traditions. What can you tell me about your favorite holiday in Belarus?

Belarus has deep historical roots in the past that’s why is customs and traditions often have a fascinating history.

To begin I would like to point our that Belarus has exciting and fascinating customs and traditions . In our country there are ten public holidays that are observed nationwide and are official days off.

I love all kinds of holidays but most of all I admire the national traditions connected with them. My best loved holidays are New Year with a New Year tree, Christmas with plenty of delicious food to eat and Easter with red eggs and an Easter pie. The preparation for these holidays starts long before they come. Thus about a fortnight before the New Year streets are decorated with colourful lights. Shops are filled with people buying gifts. Christmas trees are decorated with coloful ornaments and twinkling lights. On New year’s Eve we have a special dinner with lots of tasty food, we put on our best outfits or dress up.

There are two very special holidays in the country: the Eighth of March and the Ninth of May. On the Eighth of March women are traditionally presented with flowers and gifts and words of love and respect are addressed to them. The Ninth of May is both a happy and a sad day. On this day we celebrate our victory over fascism in the Great Patriotic War and at the same time pay tribute to those who gave up their lives for the liberation of our motherland. Deep respect and warm gratitude are shown to war veterans. The day is made special by a military parade in the morning. . Children wave flags and the people cheer. It is a moving occasion and everyone feels proud. There are grand fireworks at night.

To conclude I’d like to stress that it is important to keep and remember our national traditions

My favourite holidays are the New Year.

New Year Day is the most exciting time of the year for the children and the adults. New Year has three marvellous aspects — both giving and receiving presents, making beautiful decorations and preparing the most wonderful food. The central decoration for New Year must be the fur tree decorated with toys and lights. Long before the New Year Eve people begin to buy New Year cards, toys and presents. Most families see the New Year in at home. A lot of delicious food is cooked for the night meal which usually starts at 10 o'clock. This day is a traditional family reunion day and a special day for children.


Are you proud of our national holidays and traditions?

Like other countries Belarus has its own holidays. They are of two kinds – traditional national holidays and religious holidays. National holidays are both – a public celebration and a personal event in the family.

We have some special holidays. For example, Kupalle, it is the most loved and celebrated pagan holiday in Belarus.People jump over the fire, bath in the river, roll in the grass dew. They dance in karagods, compet in strength and look for a blossoming fern flower – “paparats kvetka”.

Another interesting holiday is Belarusian Kalyady.Orthodox Christmas comes a week after the New Year and this week in Belarus is called Kalyady. During the Christmas week street festivals of all kinds take place in the cities and towns of Belarus. For religious people this holiday is of special meaning. So they go to churches and take part in different religious celebrations.



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